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November 01, 2008


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I agree with you Joe, except they are 3-5 not 3-6. Looking forward to basketball season. Any blogs coming up soon on basketball?


Wait, it said 3-6 earlier i swear.


Maybe a switch to a lower division in football is in order.

Basketball season will end the pain.


Joe, I am really starting to lose faith in some kind of miracle. I've been a Miner fan for a long time and we've seen that a winning season is attainable, but maybe it's time to start moving in a new direction. My prediction for the season's end: 3-9! I bet you the Miners will prove me right.....


The defense left when J.J #6 and Troy Collavo #44 left.

richard martinez

If you want to work on your passing game, just put UTEP on your schedule. I don't care if you have freshman in the backfield, you should be able to raise your hands and knock down a pass. We make bad quarterbacks look like NFL prospects. I wonder what goes on in practice.

Joe Saucedo - Long Beach, CA

After five years of waiting and hoping that Price would provide the leadership to improve the program, he has not done so and in fact, has made this one of the worst tenures of any coach. I've been a long time booster but these last three years have been embarassing and this year, humiliating! Time for change. The program can't do much worse with new leadership. ENOUGH!!

Joe Saucedo - Long Beach, CA

After five years of waiting and hoping that Price would provide the leadership to improve the program, he has not done so and in fact, has made this one of the worst tenures of any coach. I've been a long time booster but these last three years have been embarassing and this year, humiliating! Time for change. The program can't do much worse with new leadership. ENOUGH!!

Toasted Whitebred

Say what you will about the defense, the score should have been 42 to 21 at half time if the Miners had capitalized on their opportunities and caught easy td passes.

The Miner offense was in a position to dominate but made critical mistakes. The officials may have had a hand in that as well.

The defense held Rice on several occasions but when you extend the game by throwing into the endzone 30 times a game, its difficult to hold a team like Rice to a lower score.

The offense which is more experienced has to run the game clock and give the defense a chance to keep the score down. The Miners have not had a hard time running the ball this year.

Also, defenses throughout the league are having a hard time keeping up with offenses. I think defenses are having a hard time keeping up with the innovative Os that are springing up.


It's funny how easily miner fans forget how horrible utep was before price got here. 4 win seasons aren't great, but they're better than 2-win seasons. besides, utep definitely isn't getting blown out as often. so far this season, the difference between being 5-3 and 3-5 has been all of 6 points. last year they went 4-8 & lost 3 of their games by a total of 11 points (so they could easily have been 7-5). & that's not including 2 other games they were within striking distance. vs conference champs UCF they were only down by 2 points until UCF scored with 6 minutes left. they led Rice 42-28 going into the 4rth quarter & didnt lose the lead until about 6 minutes left. also they went into the 4rth quarter tied 31-31 with texas tech in lubbock. now I know a loss is a loss & all that mess, but miner teams of the past would get blown out way more often. price's miners usually at least give themselves a chance. ppl sure have short memories around here, if they forget how much more the miners used to suck


Nopainnogain is right. Miner suckiness before was much worse than Miner suckiness now. I vote we have more of the same suckiness from now on.


could be worse...we could be michigan


for price's 5 years so far at utep (including the current season we're in), he's gone 28-28, with 10 of their losses coming by a total of 37 points. plus there were also 5 losses where score was tied or really close starting the 4rth quarter. through this time period (4+seasons), utep has suffered 13 blow-outs where the miners were never close to winning.

for gary nord's 4 seasons, (can't find the exact scores from 2000 season), he went 14-34, the final 3 seasons of which he went 6-30. in those 3 seasons, 4 of the losses were decided by a total of 19 points. the remaining 26 losses were ALL blow-outs where miners were never close to winning.


I am a long time miner football fan and the time is to keep Coach Price because UTEP is the dead zone for recruiting no matter who the coach is. We possibly need to invade the defense with Junior College recruits for the instant big time defense and recruit some of the local players before they move on to the TV teams (texas, texas tech ) Trust me there is not a coach that can do what Coach Price has done here. Just look for a nice parking space and the trouble you'll have to find one. We have never had a parking problem until we started winning.


I think there is, or was, an expectation that since Coach Price's first two seasons were very successful (by UTEP standards) with the previous coach's recruits, and given Price's reputation as a recruiter, that the Miners would be further along than they are now.

I like Price and hope he stays. However, I understand that the old status quo, those days in which you could count on UTEP to be in the nation's Bottom 10, are not acceptable anymore.

I believe the fans should give Coach Price one more season to produce a winner at UTEP before we go looking for another coach. The Miners will have a very experienced QB next year, and a full season of the 3-3-5 defense under its belt.


I don't think getting rid of Price is the answer, I definitely think there is a problem with leadership, and I think it does start with the head coach, but he's still a smart coach. Let’s face it, Price isn’t the one dropping or overthrowing the passes, or missing the assignments on D, he’s not the one giving up 3rd and 15. The players are the ones; I think a lot of the problems are mental not physical. UTEP’s players are not bottom of the trash can leftovers from the recruiting pile, several of them are pretty good, and as we have seen many times in the past, many players who were not highly recruited out of high school emerge while in college to become really good players. We're not really competing against UT, T-Tech or OU for players; we're recruiting against other schools in the C-USA, MWC and WAC. So the recruiting isn't that big of a problem either. What is a big problem is the lack of organization, skills and discipline the players see once they get here. They should be pulled out of the game when they're dropping passes while wide open in the end zone, or not making the extra effort dive for a barely overthrown pass. Do you think Pete Carroll, or Urban Meyer would tolerate that? Of course not! Obviously they have the resources at their disposal, but the players of USC and Florida know they will be pulled out in a heartbeat if they fall apart mentally. Maybe the starters here are the best we've got, but too many times we don't even know how bad the backups really are, because they never get out there with a chance to prove they want it more. Knowing players and having classes with them, it becomes known that many don't even appreciate playing for Price because he scarcely knows they exist. Why is that? Because once you're a scout team player, you're stuck there until senior year on senior night, when they throw you in for a series to commemorate your time. On the same token once you're a starter, you're there as long as you're not injured. They're not required to work hard anymore. That should be absolutely mandatory out of every player on every down. In my opinion, complacency is the kryptonite of the Miners. This would be another explanation for their atrocious November record. Whitbread was right, the offense stacked up 44 points but it should've been 65, taking into consideration the lost touchdowns due to lack of mental awareness and discipline. No clutch player to be found. Whose fault is that? Leadership, it starts at the top. So should we fire Coach Price? No. Is he a smart football coach? Yes. Should he read this blog and learn better management? Absolutely


Turkeyfryer has a lot of good points. The Miners do not have less talent than the rest of the league. In fact, Rice is a team that has less physical talent than UTEP. What they had over us was mental focus and discipline. Price complained in his post game show about how the guys did not do in the game what they did in practice.

The suggestion to bench the guys who do not perform on the field would be a disaster. We are so thin in our depth that putting out a guy who has not shown himself to be game ready in practice would likely produce a worse result.

I do agree that the lack of discipline shows through during the team's pregame warm up and performance on the field. The kickoff team couldn't even remember which way they were going in the 2nd half.

As far as the defense is concerned, there is no Michael Comer, Bryan Young, Robert Murray, Seth Joyner, or Robert Rodriguez. We need a big time player to emerge who has leadership skills. I don't see that from this group yet.



But aren't you talking about the coach's ability to coach? If it's not the athlete the Miners are attracting, getting them to play is the job of the coach, right? And if he's not doing that, then...


Like nopainogain said...a loss is a loss. I'd take a 49-44 loss as compared to the 50-something to 0 or 40-something to 0 from the old WAC days.

There are still some winnable games remaining on the schedule. Yes, even against Houston and ECU, but the defense has got to step up. I may be one of a few, but I BELIEVE!


I hear basketballs bouncing in the Don :)

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