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October 29, 2008


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just a thought

Joe is definitely from the old school but he has a point. With the transformation of modern-day football to the spread offense the big back (at least 6' and 200lbs) is a lost commodity. The spread maximizes your ability to put more athletes on the field at the same time. Take out a back/tight end out and put a little guy in against a slower linebacker if you're lucky.

UTEP, like other lower level programs can find a big punishing back from time to time (Toraino Singleton, Paul Smith, Marcus Thomas). Mid-major/lower tier programs are also unable to find five really good lineman so big backs are better for creating their own holes when their lineman cannot.

Gone are the days of 10-7 football games -- no more black n' blue conferences. Even the SEC has seen more people side with the over bet these days because of the transformation.

Every team should have a big back for two reasons:

1) Goal line situations

2) The spread defense often utilizes smallish DBs in place of their LBs. These nicklebacks often hate tackling big strong RBs

marcusg23 ultimatum

wasnt jason williams supposed to be our big back. it sucks we lost for the year.


I agree with Joe to a point. Having a 6-2, 225lb back would be great. We need to try to find those guys. The truth about football, from the lowest ranks to the NFL, is that games are won and lost in the trenches. Having a big offensive line that works well together and executes it's assignments will spring a 225lb back or a 175lb back. The line play is what separates the biggest programs from the medium sized.

Who's your Mumme

Good point Joe.
The spread is taking away those big backs that can grind it out.
While smaller schools have a certain measure of success with the spread, you still need someone to get those tough yards and help manage the game.

A little off topic here.
The "Fire Mumme" calls are in full stride in LC.
What does Utepia think? Go or, no Go?


Off topic:

Everyone knows Lute Olsen had to step down last week from the Arizona job, any word on a replacement?

If Utep has a big year (as expected)Does Coach Barbee get a look?

Barbee is a young coach with a solid recruiting background, and an exciting style of play.

Arizona already said they will not hire until the end of this season.

Just food for thought--

Toasted Whitebred

If we had a big back, our defense would be a lot better.

Rice 52, Utep 56

just a thought

Rice 45

Lowercase Ray

RJ, I don't believe Barbee will be on Zona's list. Barbee just hasn't coached long enough to build a resume such that Zona would consider him right now. I realize that Gilespie didn't have a big resume when he left but having that big turn around basically put him in the National eye. Barbee needs more coaching time to impress that kind of program. If he takes UTEP to a couple of NCAA Tournies or should win the CUSA title, then we might be seeing some bigger programs looking at him. I think for now we can enjoy his coaching at UTEP for awhile longer.

As to the Fire Mumme talk, I think he could be in trouble. NMSU has to somehow bring the fans into the stadium. If they don't, they might be in trouble with keeping the football program in D1A.

I was thinking about the same score JAT went with. So just to be different I'll go with:
Rice 50

Escapista (formerly Dominguez)

Rice 47!!!

Hope im wrong but just a tought, lowercase ray etc among others already did a nice breakdown of the game and truth is more than likely a hard loss on a slugfest.

As far as basketball at least there we get some good attention, i cant wait for that to happen; and as far as MOnchis i hope you make a comeback once basketball season is in full swing we miss your comments and your love and passion for UTEP, you know that i always had your back, hope to see you soon Monchis.



Toasted Whitebred

Monchis is a man of integrity. He said he was gone and he is going to live up to it. Anything less would be...unbecoming of a miner fan.

Lowercase Ray

I’d like to turn the focus away from football for a minute to congratulate the Lady Miners soccer team on their win last night over Colorado College. Depending on whether they won and what happened around the league, they could finish as high as the 4th seed or as low as the 7th seed in the up coming CUSA Tourney. With this win and other teams losses, UTEP moved from the 7th position (where they started the day) to finishing the regular season as the fourth best team in CUSA. By beating CC, UTEP ended up with the same 6-4-1 CUSA record as CC. It was because of that head to head victory that pushed CC down into the 5th seed and UTEP got the 4th seed.

Since CC joined CUSA women soccer in 2006, they've become the Lady Miners present day biggest rival. In 2006 CC beat UTEP (2-1) in double 0T to win the opening day game of the CUSA Tourney. In 2007 UTEP beat CC (3-2) in double OT to win in opening day game of that tourney. Now here they are again locked in the 2008 opening 4 vs. 5 seeds matchup; their records show them to be evenly matched. With the rivalry front and center, the UTEP/CC game in my eyes should be the best game of the opening day CUSA Tournament.

Again congrats to the Lady Miners, thanks for your hard work and here’s hoping you go a long way.
Go Miners!!



Is just an opinion, i respect yours however i dont agree, still at the end we all here for the most part to support UTEP, take care and i just wanted to reply in a respectful way.



i dont praise failure anymore but i do expect the miners to bounce back the next couple weeks.

coach lewis used his get out of jail free card this yr and i think it sucks for the guy. he's not the one blowing coverages out there. anyways i think next yr is do or die for the coach and i expect him to go with a young defense (his guys not hundley's) who might... just might... play the defense.

i know hes gone for now but how wrong was monchis's analysis of vittatoe. he might put up numbers like other qbs in the conf but i think he has that something that will get him drafted. if he had wrs that can catch consistently this past game would have been won.

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