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June 26, 2008


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jack jack

Nobody cares about baseball. Baseball is the most boring sport that doesn't require any athleticism whatsoever. I mean all you have to do to be a good baseball player is have good aim, know how to catch and take steroids.

What UTEP should bring back is men's soccer. Soccer requires much more athleticism than baseball. We would be pretty good since we are right next to a country that lives soccer. And maybe some of those people at the liberal arts building can actually do something besides smoke a pack of cigarettes a day!


Someone slap Jack Jack on the back of the head! He has the odasity to call baseball boring and then reference the most boring of all sports. All you have to do in soccer is run and kick a stupid ball.
I don't care if Jewtep has baseball but I'd love to see real baseball at Cohen stadium again someday . Have you seen that pathetic franchise in the NE? What a joke! A better question would be why doesn't El Paso have a triple A baseball team.

Toasted Whitebred

odasity??? I know as bloggers we have an unwritten rule to not criticize casual misspellings and errors in grammar but come on...

UTEP is the poorest school this side of the border. How could it support a baseball team?

jack jack

Hey viktims,

Soccer is much more than kicking a ball. It requires coordination, ball control and team tactics. What kind of athleticism or tactics are involved in baseball? "UMMM I think I'm going to throw a curved ball, scratch my nose twice and spit!!" Seriously where is the excitement in watching someone hit a ball and someone else catch it?

That my friend is OVERRATED!

The only thing that I enjoy watching in baseball is the fights involving the whole team...now that is exciting.

Anybody can play baseball. That's why there's over 1500 picks and 50 rounds of the MLB draft...every year! Pathetic. As if there aren't enough overpaid baseball players already!

The only way I can get someone to make me go to a baseball game is if there are good food or beer specials!


Congrats to Fresno State and the WAC on their College World Series Championship. Glad to see our old foe and conference doing well.

Big Dog

Why are the ball players of today being punished for the faults of others 20 to 25 years ago. Today's players are better, smarter, and more focused on the game. El Paso each year looses 30 to 35 baseball players to out of town D-1, D-2, Jr Colleges, and private colleges. There are excellent players in El Paso; look at countless Franklin, Socorro, Coronado, Bel-Air, Hanks, Eastwood, Riverside players out there now. Again, the main excuse is money. Let's start campaign to bring the sport back to UTEP. It will be supported!

jack jack

Big Dog,

We can barely get people to come to the Sun Bowl and Don Haskins Center.

What makes you think El Pasoans would want to watch the most boring sport on earth?

Who's your Mumme

Big up's to Fresno St. and the WAC!!
Hard to believe but, NMSU beat Fresno St. three times this year.

The Aggies should turn it into a positive and it should help in our recruiting efforts!


audacity=odasity.....my bad LOL....should have used spell checker b4 hitting post.
Hey Jack Jack....let me see you stand in the box and hit a 90 mph fastball. Chances are you couldn't hit it with a boat oar. Let alone anything with some movement.
The reason the big boys get paid so much is because they're a rarity. Not everyone can do it. Unlike your watered down sport.
The best thing about soccer is when the fans start fighting each other. Or when the players throw urine and battery's at each other.
I will agree with you. The only reason to go to a Diablo game is the cheap food and beer. As I stated before, the product on the field stinks. That's not good baseball.
But as bad as it is, there are a lot more folks in the stands at a Diablo game than at a Patriots game.

college baseball fan

Thanks for the information Joe. I graduated from UTEP in May and I have lived in EP all my life. I am 44 years old and have been a UTEP fan all my life. I just think the time is right for UTEP to think about baseball. They could use Cohen Stadium to play games and they could build a practice facility by the women's softball fields. I don't think the players would miss anymore classes than the basketball players I had in a couple of my classes. I'm sure there are enough kids that would walk on to the program to field a team. The mentality and tutoring student athletes get now is different than the last time UTEP talked about reviving the program. As in women's sports, the more teams the more national notoriety UTEP would have.

jack jack

Hey viktims,

You want to get personal with the trash talking? I can direct alot of personal comments towards you but I'm not because that's not what I do or who I am; I have class.

The reason nobody goes to the Diablo or Patriots games is because they are mediocre teams. El Paso doesn't celebrate mediocrity.

In case you didn't read it on my earlier post, the only reason I suggested that UTEP should have a soccer team instead of a baseball team is because it would be more successful.

I've seen more people at the women's soccer games than the women's softball games. Soccer is a popular "Mexican" sport (not saying it originated there just saying that Mexicans live and breath soccer)...now with UTEP's majority population being Mexican and with El Paso being majority Mexican as well....and with Mexico right across the border, I don't see how UTEP soccer wouldn't be a success. Not only in ticket sales but in recruiting as well.


College baseball is a great sport and if UTEP had a team, that would just add to the NMSU/UTEP rivalry and spice up the Blogs in the spring/early summer.

Regarding the money issue, my understanding is that a program does not have to bring in a lot of money to sustain itself. When I would attend NMSU games, the crowd was relatively small and consisted mostly of students who got in for free. Money is always an issue with low budget schools like NMSU and UTEP, but unless the program will unnecessarily drain UTEP's revenue, that should not prevent the creation of a team.

The best thing about college baseball is the parity. In no other sport could Fresno State knock off teams like Rice, UNC, Georgia, and Arizona State. What FSU did is the equivalent of NMSU beating UCLA, Kansas, Duke and UNC. That's incredible.

If for nothing else true sports fans can at least appreciate that college baseball provides a unique opportunity for the underdog to come out on top. NMSU played ASU my senior year and I believe we swept them. Talent wise, that should have never happened.

With all that said, I'm not sure resurrecting UTEP's baseball program would be as valuable to El Paso as placing the Diablos back under the wing of an MLB team. 25 cent hotdog nights at Dudley Field/Cohen Stadium is a trademark of El Paso life as much as Chicos Tacos. They need to get back to as an affiliated ball club and start sending players up to the majors, like they did with Gary Sheffield, John Jaha, etc.



I don't think I got personal Jack Jack. I was trying to make a point. To a true fan, baseball is not boring or easy. As you stated.

And great post SM.
Agree with everything you said!
We need real baseball at Cohen first!

jack jack


Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, nothing wrong with that; but I just think you should use other methods to prove your point other than saying I couldn't hit anything with some movement.


Jack Jack,

My apologies.
"Anything with movement" means, when the pitcher spins the ball. Slider, curve ball, sinker ball. They don't just throw every pitch straight ya know.

I personally don't know if you could get laid or not. Nor do I care.
Maybe you shouldn't comment on sports you know nothing about.

I know it takes skill to play soccer. And I've tried to watch it. I've been watching a little of the world cup thingy on TV lately. I have to tell you the truth. I'd rather watch grass grow.

After having it rammed down our throats for the last 10 years. Me and the American people agree.

Soccer Sucks!


I'm not a big baseball fan, but I do know many who are. I would welcome Miner baseball. With the Aggies and UNM just up the road, we'd certainly get some local fan interest.

Thumbs up to Fresno State. Great underdog story and excellent for the WAC.


Whether a person thinks soccer, baseball, basketball, or women's crew is the most boring thing to watch is besides the point. More sports being available to both sexes makes for a more vibrant and attractive university. As of now, UTEP has only 5 sports for men in comparison to SMU's 7 and UNM's 9. Money seems to be the biggest issue here.

Supporting revenue sports like football and basketball helps. I often read comments about how supposed fans will only support winners and sit home and sulk. All in the guise of not being willing to support mediocrity. These people fail to look beyond themselves toward the greater good of the university and the community.

In other words, don't stay home after the Miners blow a last minute lead to ECU and then expect us to pop out a baseball team and a stadium. Don't complain that Tony Barbee doesn't have a good personality and that's why you don't support the team.
Ask not what your univesity can do for you. Ask what you can do for your university. Any college or university has a symbiotic relationship with the community. We complain that UT Austin has so much money but it's the Texas Ex's that are giving back to their school. Their support is what makes the school what it is.

As much as we complain about Bob Stull, he does respond to public opinion. If we want soccer or baseball, we can do more than just blog about it. First and foremost, we need to support the atletic programs that we do have and good things will follow.


First Off, I know of only three mens programs, football, basketball, track and field, what are the other two?

Second, I dont think either baseball or soccer would be appealing.
I am a huge soccer fan, but cant imagine UTEP getting a real fan base...soccer fans in El Paso are already tied to mexican club teams and now that the team in Juarez is doing so well, there's really no reason for them to care about UTEP soccer.

Give the "extra" money to Coach Barbee because I think were headed in the right direction in Bball and he may not be around for too much longer...

Back to soccer, but totally off topic...Euro Cup 2008 has been one of the best tournaments Ive ever seen...those of you who think soccer is boring havnt been paying attention to this tournament. Thank God for this tournament, because otherwise we'd be stuck with BORING BASEBALL.

Confused El Pasoan

I just want to say all sports are boring if you don’t like the sport. I need help to figure out how NMSU and NMU have baseball programs and we don’t. Everyone knows their programs are not profitable, very small fan base and yet they exist. Can we honestly say that they have better run universities? Bringing baseball back to UTEP would not be for the fans, it’s for the kids. UTEP has many kids on some form of scholarship that has nothing to do with sports and I’m sure it would be very boring to watch them as well. How many kids in El Paso play high school football, and how many actually get a scholar? How many play Basketball and get scholarships? How many play soccer, tennis, swimming etc…? Now if you look at baseball in El Paso, how many kids get scholarships to D1, D2 or even D3 schools? El Paso kids have a better chance at baseball scholarships than any other sport.

Lowercase Ray

RJ, I too have been watching the Eurocup. I've been following the amazing run of the Turks, which was brought to an end by the Germans in the semis. Germany vs Spain in the Finals, should be a good game.
As for Fresno State winning the CWS, I couldn't be prouder of my alma-mater. I don't follow baseball but the perspective of what they've done is starting to sink in for many in Fresno and the SJ Valley.
As to adding Baseball and/or Soccer, in a perfect world it would be great to offer opportunity to these Academic-Athletes. UTEP would need to look at it carefully though; as they need to keep in mind the cost of education for all it's students. If they can do it and keep the cost down to all students, then it would be fair to do so. Keep in mind that simply being a winner is not a guarantee that it will make the sport self-sufficient; Track and Field being a good example of that. If there is a sport that UTEP is a National Power in, it would be Track and Field. Yet, there is not a big audience for it here in EP; that even on an Olympic year.
Confused El Pasoan, good post. On your question, I'm sure it has more to do with what each state gives in support to it's universities.

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