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June 02, 2008


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Lowercase Ray

Joe is bringing out a common insight in this and his previous post, which is how much faith can one put in what public official say nowadays. Even when someone has committed to doing something, they seem to have no qualms in changing their minds to suit their ambitions. It seems today that giving your word no longer means you're committed, it simply seems to set your starting position. I'll say I'm going to UTEP, but if Memphis calls I'm going there. Let me be clear here that I'm not just referring to players as coaches and Universities are just as guilty of going back on what they say. It's also a given that when being looked at for another job, that you say that you're not very interested until you're actually offered the job. Standards have simply changed over the years. I don't agree with that, but it is as it is!

Slim Jim

For everyone out there that can’t figure out why Bob Stull hasn’t been swooped up as an AD two words "Mike Price". Coach Price is a good coach and a great coach for here in El Paso but our football team is on the skids with 2 straight losing seasons and we haven’t won a bowl game since Stull was coaching, our basketball team hasn’t made the tournament in a few years. Yes Stull has been a great AD and brought in a lot of money but money isn’t the issue at most big schools, wins and politics are. Our wins have slid and our politics involve the thought of Stull bringing Price to his new job which nobody in the nation outside of Utep or maybe the UNLV would accept. El Paso celebrates mediocrity most cities however do not grade on an El Paso curve.

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