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June 09, 2008


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I understand Bob and a number of UTEP boosters left Seattle on a cruise to Alaska. Mike Price was along, maybe he also enterviewed for the job on his way through.


Joe, nobody care whether Mr. Stull stays at UTEP, or goes to Washington! Give it a rest!
Nobody is interested at this point, wait until football season starts, then you may speculate all you want. For now, just SHUSHH!
On the other hand, we'd better start our own search for Stull's replacement!


Stull will bolt if given the NW opportunity. Whether he deserves that opportunity, that is the question.


If Bob Stull leaves, then he's leaving with bang...This upcoming football and basketball seasons are shaping up to be pretty exciting...

The UT home game alone will be off the charts win or lose...Stull has done a great job of renewing the UNM rivalry and getting them in our house two out of the past three years, and the Texas Tech game two years ago was an instant classic.

Basketball should be unreal this season, im honestly willing to overlook football season because this years BBall season is bringing so much promise...

There's no reason people shouldnt be lining up past Mesa street to get season tix...
this is what our home schedule looks like right now...

Texas Tech
Probably UAB...
The Sun Classic Final Game.

Other Non-conference highlights...Anaheim Classic loaded with good teams.

Add to mix that we SHOULD have a competitive team this year and Stephon Jax will break the all time scoring record...

Man, cant wait.
If I missed any other games, let me know, either way should be an exciting time for UTEP fans and El Paso.


Exciting times indeed. With so much to look forward to, it's puzzling why Joe is continually harping on what has amounted to be a very weak rumor mill concerning Stull leaving. Every time I see one of these I just Yawwwn. 2008-2009 could be a breakout year for UTEP athletics. That includes women's athletics. Football is looming around the corner. 78 more days!


Anyone still believe, Joe's remark, that, "refs don't rook"? Joe, this is bilge! The questionable calls being seen even now at this years NBA finals, and the transparent "fixing" of games is so obvious, it should cast doubt on the integrity of professional sports! Commissioners are willing to go the extra mile, as it were, to lure and increase dwindling viewership of these overpaid, worthless athletes, that are under the delusion they are entitled to their excesses, of debauchery, and drug use. They feel they are above the law! These cuddled idiots are worthless to our society, yet they are idolized, Why?
I for one won't be watching any professional sports any time soon!


I have a question how does having top notch opponents come to our house to play us make you believe we will have tremendous success when in the last 2 yrs we have lost to lesser opponents. I too am looking forward to a competitive football season but if you can’t beat tech you’re going to get smacked by Texas. I just hope we come out of that game healthy and don’t embarrass ourselves to a national audience. We should be competitive but our new D is a gamble and don’t expect to win the conference. The goal is to make a bowl game and not lose it too bad. As for basketball what about last year’s performance or Barbie’s coaching exploits and a tough schedule would give you any confidence we will have a good season. Bringing in lightly recruited academically struggling Thugs is not a guarantee for success and probably more of a hindrance.



The point is two years ago we didnt get these types of home games at the Sunbowl. I dont know about you, but UT at home sounds just a bit better than Texas Southern.

If you had read my post correctly, i said win or lose, the UT game will be an event for the city...I never said we were going to win just because we were at home.

I remember the days when we had trouble getting any division I teams in the Sun Bowl, let alone two teams from the Big 12 in three years. Give Stull credit. Its about excitement for the city and university.

And if youve been paying any attention to our basketball program, you would know that Doc Sadler basically left this program in shambles two years ago.

Tony Barbee has done a nice job rebuilding from the ground up.

Weve got young talent now, not JUCO talent...and we have one of the best players in the conference coming back next year. There's no reason to believe we shouldnt be better and be able to compete for a postseason spot next year.

And if youve got some insight on the whole "thug" thing, then please share because I havent heard any bad news about UTEP basketball since the Steph Jax thing, and oh yeah by the way, all the charges were dropped.

So samsam, come with some facts or just stop being a hater.

Lowercase Ray

I just wanted to chime in on some of the things in your post. I agree that having UT in our house will surely be the highlight for El Pasoans this FB season. The obvious benefit of bringing UT to our house is that it will be an instant sellout and may help the season ticket sales a bit. I don’t expect UTEP will be a threat to beat them but if they can be competitive it may help UTEP FB bring in more Fans for the following games. I don’t expect them to be challenging for a West Div Championship, but I would gauge their season a success if they can reach .500 (6 wins). Of special FB interest is seeing Trevor Vittatoe and Jeff Moturi continue their progress to being one of the best passing tandems in CUSA.
The highlight of the 2008-9 season could be the Men's BB team. Stefon is a given to be the highlight of the team but Claude Britten’s three game exhibition run in China has left me looking forward to seeing if he is reaching the next level? These two players alone will not make for a great team, but if Culpepper can continue to progress this year and Tavaris Watts can play some good BB, as he showed he can in some games last year, this team has a good chance to be among the top 4 in conference.
Also of interest is seeing if the Women's BB team can come close to duplicating last year's excitment.


Interesting catch on espn.com for those of you who havent seen it...

Check out this article and notice UTEP basketball gets some recognition from Andy Katz for next season's top 25....


My math tells me were the 38th best team in the country in Katz's eyes.

Also of note, UAB is right there with us with Memphis in their usual top 10 spot.

The article also mentions one of Memphis' top recruits next year, it was a kid who good ol' Doc Sadler lost because of a "miscommunication."

Glad to see ol Doc is screwing things up in Lincoln the way he did in El Paso.

Big things on the horizon for UTEP bball. Should be fun

Lowercase Ray

I found this article on Jason Will. I always find it interesting to read articles that show what has become of ex-Miners. He may never see his way to the NBA, but he is doing what he loves to do and seems to be getting a world education at the same time. He recently earned All-Israeli League first team honors.



Ok, so all the preseason accolades for Utep mens bball is kinda of scary now.

I'm younger, so I cant remember optimism this high for a while.

I cant even recall this type of optimism for Billy G's returning squad(I dont consider that team with OT, J-will, and Fili Rivera Sadler's team by the way)

Anyways...Joe bring us back down to earth, too much optimism is bad right?

I mean this team is still YOUNG, one Stephon Jackson injury away from having a horrible season. We still havent proved we can win many close games against top tier teams or top mid majors...

Other than that, when does Basketball season begin?


RJ, one way to look at it is this. UTEP can be optimistic because of returning talent and the glimpses of excellence shown by our freshmen class. But we know it can all come crashing down with injuries or attitude problems or even worse, an overestimation of the talent we have. Sometimes the unknown is more exciting than the surety of winning with 5 returning starters from an NCAA tourney team. Nobody is handing us any trophys yet but we can get excited about the upcoming season without having to rely on Joe and his glass half full talk.

Lowercase Ray

Am I missing something here? I thought I was being optimistic thinking that UTEP will be in the top 4 CUSA teams, have a 20+ game season and make the NIT. Joe Lunardi thinks that CUSA, which had become a one team (Memphis) draw to the dance, is all of a sudden going to place three teams, what gives here? Did Memphis taking the nation’s best teams within 2 minutes of being National Champs, have such an impact on Joe that he's now moving CUSA up the ladder? As much as I’d love to believe that, I just don’t buy it. For one thing I don’t believe that Memphis will be a #1 seed come March of next year. If CUSA has a good year, I see them moving back to being a conference that places two teams to The Dance, not three. Lastly, how did he leave Tulsa out of the top group in CUSA?
What worries me now is our team reading the press clippings, having it go to their heads and with the first disappointment that happens they aren’t able to overcome it. I’d have preferred UTEP be a team in which fewer expectations were placed on them. Let’s hope that they use this as inspiration to work harder and not as a done deal!


Don’t get me wrong I hope we have good seasons next year I’m optimistic that football will be competitive but don’t believe were going to be smashing anybody. And for basketball I hope we play well but I can’t say I have much confidence and it’s not because we don’t have the athleticism were sloppy to many turnovers missed free throws no steady D and a lack of overall team ball. The verdict is still out on Barbie and we will see. We gotta keep in mind this is the time of year that every average team in the country is trying to sell themselves that this is their year that’s part of it but the games aren’t played on paper and we don’t even look that good on paper 

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