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May 01, 2008


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Stefon has declared, but has not hired an agent. We won't know until mid-June whether or not he'll be back. Good for him.

And good thing for UTEP that we signed another guard.


If the Sun Bowl moves to CSTV, put a fork in it... it's done.

The CBS deal is the only thing separating the Sun from 25 other mid level games. Nobody watches CSTV, even if they have it. If weekday games are whats killing the deal, why not play the Sun Bowl on a Saturday every year? Who says it has to be on New Year's Eve? There have been years where it has been on Christmas Eve. If keeping the game on a Wednesday for the sake of a false sense of prestige is a determining factor, the Sun needs to get over itself and do whatevers necessary to keep the game on broadcast tv.

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