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May 05, 2008


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The older coaches and AD's are much tougher to read. It was a no brainer for Gillespie to leave. He is young and on the move. The same will be true for Tony Barbee if he starts getting things rolling. He's still climbing the ladder. It's tougher to say with Mike Price and Bob Stull. They both seem to be pretty content and have integrated themselves with the community.

I wouldn't be surprised if Stull chased the opportunity but I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed either.

Who's your Mumme

Cleo has a point when it comes to age.
I'm not sure of Stull's age or when he expects to retire but, a bigger salary right before he enjoys the "golden years" is difficult to pass on.

Let's see where this goes in the next couple of weeks.

In the know

I dont think they would hire Mr. Stull Because he Hired Mike Price and all Huskies hate all Cougs. and a friend of an enemy is an enemy


UTEP needs to do whatever is necessary to keep AD Stull. The man has transformed Miner athletics over his tenure. He has a knack for hiring the right guy (Gillispie and Sadler both moved on, but no doubt they owe their success to UTEP). His gamble on Mike Price was a tough decision that has worked out well for the program and for the coach. His ability to raise money in a city where there aren't a lot of high dollar donors has been the most impressive accomplishment of his tenure.

UTEP, give him a raise and urge him to stay.

New Blog Needed Joe

If there's a way to work 'Polk in the eye' into a basketball broadcast, Teicher will find it.

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