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May 01, 2008


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Stefon declares for the NBA draft. Anyone know if he hired an agent? Not a wise move in my opinion.

Will be interesting to see what develops with the tv contracts. I miss the days of seeing the Miners on tv regularly.

Toasted Whitebred

I hope Stefon is just testing the waters...looking to see which teams if any show interest and to what extent. Hopefully he has left himself an opportunity to finish his education and eligibility. I don't think he is quite ready for the NBA although, he could play in Europe, NBA developmental or elsewhere. All depends on what he wants to do.

How will Time Waner's divestiture of the Cable operation affect any future broadcast of Miner games?

Any word on how Comcast, Cablevision or any of the other companies who might purchase the spinoff handle local sports?


I don't believe the changes with Time Warner or CSTV, or whomever, will have any effect on UTEP. Regardless of which station covers C-USA, UTEP will still be left out as before, and will still be treated as a stepchild!
We must resign ourselves to this fact, UTEP will always be seen as a loser by the rest of the country!

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