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March 03, 2008


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Hey Joe shares my point of view on officiating... Thats good cuz I'm getting tired of defending my position. Gear all your aggression towards him now and leave me alone when it comes to this topic.

I'm going jogging now.


Anyone who has played organized basketball knows that you are playing 5 on 7. At least you should go into the game thinking that so you can work that much harder to overcome bad calls. Bad calls are going to happen. If you're not prepared to make the plays necessary to win despite the bad calls, maybe you should go play pick up games.

On the other hand, some of the most annoying people who play pick up games against are the ones calling fouls every other play. They're the ones who never foul and always get fouled. I suspect we may have a few bloggers on here that fit that description.

The was I see it is if the Miners get elbowed in the gut, maybe they should elbow back. This group of Miners seems like a bunch of nice guys, but coach Barbee preaches toughness. Maybe if we quit crying to the refs and played with more aggression, we would have pulled out some of these close ball games. Maybe we would be 22-6 and not 16-11. Coach Barbee is right. There is a difference between playing hard and playing aggressively.

When it comes to the Miners and UT Austin, we have a very good chance to play close or win that ballgame. They are not gods. Arkansas St. and UCF gave them all they could handle last year and this year's team will be younger and less experienced. We'll be heavy underdogs, but don't be shocked if we are able to pull this one off.

Toasted Whitebred

Joe must be in some kind of bet to see which blog can generate the most hits. Take my advice Joe and put something up here about Selena Avila.

The Miner footballers are bringing back a lot of experience offensively especially at the line of scrimage. We also have an excellent quarterback, receiver and corps of backs. Texas will have a tough time shutting that down.

Defense is another story. Texas doesn't rebuild, they reload. Our defense has to give the offense a chance to win. My prediction on the over/under is 94.

Food for thought. Most officials have integrity. Some don't...it's a fact. I remember clearly when Miner football was the target of a blatant attempt at covering the spread. It happened in 1991 when confessed gambling addict Earle Bruce was the Coach at CSU. He tried to score a late touchdown when the Miners were down by 5 with a few seconds to go an no timeouts left. Instead of taking a knee and running out the clock, Bruce tries to score one more touchdown which would have covered.

There is also last year's conviction of an NBA ref for gambling. Remember, Pete Rose, Art Schleister, the Black Sox scandle. Cheating happens at all levels...right?


With cameras recording all the action and all the fan and school scrutiny, I find it hard to believe that we are the target of officials as some bloggers have suggested. Sure, sometimes calls are missed. That happens. But to think that there is some kind of concerted effort by the refs to ignore calls against our opponents and call cheap fouls on us is nonsense.

A few years back, when we were an inside attacking team, we'd get to the line many more times than our opponents. Now, as we are an outside oriented team it seems, not so much. Maybe that will change next year with the addition of our new bigs.

Who's your Mumme

Joe basically took a shot at Monchis and Jwest.
Good for you Joe, It was really getting old listening to them babble like a couple of drunks and there stupid conspiracy theory about the refs.
Absolutely, CHILDISH!

Miner Fan

I don't think we are getting cheated by the refs, but I do think the officiating in the Conference USA is horrible!


I did some research on this whole free throw conversation and found out UTEP has accumulated 639 fouls this season, BY FAR THE MOST than any other team in CUSA...
But interestingly enough, we have also taken the most free throws than any other team in Conference USA.

More than Memphis...and we have played one less game than more than half of the conferences'teams...

So Joe, i'm sorry but your wrong, we are getting to the line even though we are a perimeter team...
so the next question is converting once we get to the line.
Were terrible...66 percent overall and most of the time it has been in late game situations.

One way or the other, officials will balance out calls, the only game I thought there was a huge discrepency was the Memphis game, but their worse at the line than us so it balanced out.

So if Utep needs to work on anything, its making free throws, the more I look at it, the more I believe it has cost us games.

Teicher always goes off on their missed free throws whether its the first minute of the game or the last...

This season has been frustrating, but I am starting to believe we will be much better next year
as long as we work on those freebies.


Hey Joe:
I have to agree with Monchis this time. In an article in your EP Times today, reporter Andrew Bagnato wrote about Arizona, Kentucky,Maryland, Syracuse, Ohio State, and Villanova are all on the bubble for the NCAA tourney.
I have heard from reliable sources (monchis) they have ALL been screwed by the refs this year. It goes way deep. So its true!!!
The refs are making it possible for CUSA's Memphis Tigers to win it all. It must cost alot to buy a championship these days.



Ref's do hold grudges and are biased towards one team over another. This does not mean it affects the outcome of the game, but the biasness is there. And Joe, you are too smart to believe otherwise.


Wait a minute, I'm pretty sure Monchis is 2myeye because no sane person would refer to Monchis as a "reliable source" except Monchis.

Anyway, to anybody that thinks UT won't be as good this coming year..... WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BORDER. Texas doesn't drop off in talent, they don't rebuild,they reload.

Colt is now a junior, after a sophomore slump where he only led Texas to a Holiday Bowl pasting of Arizona State, he'll be ready to handle UTEP. And if he isn't John Chiles will just run circles around UTEP's defense.

I can't believe some guy said that Texas wouldn't be ready for the "El Paso" environment! Are you serious? UT plays in front of 84,000 fans at home (will be 90k next year) and routinely plays and wins at some of college footballs most diffcult venues (Kyle Field, Stillwater). You guys don't realize just how different games are at some of these venues to the Sun Bowl's mighty 52,000 old men and families.

Anyway, Texas lost a couple of studs (6-7 players will be drafted again this year), but most of their o-Line is back which was their weakness last year because of injuries.

Joe is right, stop living in this dream world where UTEP beats Texas. UT did struggle early on last year, but look at their last 10 seasons, and you'll see that it was an anomaly.

I'm just happy that EP will get to see a national title contender in town. El Paso deserves to see what a real college football program looks like up close.

Can't wait to decipher (you can't read) Monchis ridiculous ramblings that are sure to follow.


The University of Texas at Austin has one of the top college football programs in the country. It ranks up there with Notre Dame(3-9 finish last year), Michigan(lost to App. St. last year), USC(lost to 4-8 Stanford at home), and Miami(5-7 record in 07).

Nobody here is guaranteeing a UTEP win. All we are saying is that it is possible to beat The University of Texas at Austin in the Sun Bowl next year. This is based on greater parity in college football that is very apparent with the increase of upsets over the last few years. It is also based on the environment in the Sun bowl which ranks up there with Oregon, Clemson, and Florida for decibel level. The University of Texas at Austin is not immune to close competitive games. You may guarantee a win and you may end up right. But don't be blind to the fact that this is not a gimme game.


Ha! National Title Contender? Cmon Austin! UT blows, They are the biggest underachiever in the country, and Mack Brown may be a great recruiter, but he isnt worth a darn when it comes to X's and O's.
That program is still living on Vince Young's accomplishments.
Without vince young, that program doesnt win a natl. title...
Its sad to see UT fans at the end of every season, so much potential, but nothing to show for it...Wow, Holiday Bowl. They should be in the BCS title game every year with the talent they get.
Worry about beating Oklahoma before you start bashing UTEP and their fans.

just a thought

Austin is normally a very intelligent and rational voice in this forum but his loyalty to UT has his wires crossed today. Let me start out by saying I have UT grads/fanatics in my immediate family and I cheered my heart out for them during their championship against USC a few years ago. Let me remind you that although Texas reloads--they usually shoot blanks more often than not.

Sure UT beat ASU in a bowl game where ASU's best tailback was injured and their QB played his worst game of the season. Whoopty-do. Why don't we mention the 63-14 shellacking UT took from OU earlier this decade? UTEP played OU a month prior and only lost 55-14. Hmmm.

UT is basically the biggest underachieving school in the state. With years of Top 5 National recruiting classes and lofty preseason rankings the NCAA Championship is basically giftwrapped or within reach every year. UT may win 10 games a year but ends the polls in the 20s. If not for the greatest individual effort by a single player in NCAA history with Vince Young, Texas would still not have a championship since the year the Gremlin was introduced.

Texas plays before a large home crowd as they should--been there done that. Texas plays before large hostile crowds in Lubbock, Stillwater and College Station but they won't expect little old El Paso to be as loud as it will be. Mike Leach 2006:"(There is a) hectic environment there in El Paso: really loud, probably the second loudest place we played all year last year, so it's good to have it here at our place."

I'll say again that it won't be a first half blowout--the second half may be a different story. If Mack's kid isn't grabbing footballs in the field of play we'll be out of there by midnight.

Shafted again

There are two players on BYU better than DJ?? Gimme a break.


Joe, "refs don't rook anybody"? What have you been inhaling? Remember the NBA ref scandal last year, or do you have selective memory? Have you forgotten also when UTEP was a member of the WAC, playing against BYU and UTAH, Wyoming, and all the games UTEP lost because of the officiating?
I guess you have forgotten!
Wow, I'm amazed you turn a blind eye to the obvious bias against UTEP, but then of course you have never been a UTEP fan anyway, right?
Your job is to create controversy to draw readers and denigrating UTEP draws them! We can't expect anything less from you, being an Aggie and all!
2myeye, I never said those schools you mentioned had been screwed as you put it!
I said the opposite, that they were always the media darlings and were favored by the officials, get your facts straight! Better yet, learn to read!
And Joe, if one dares to dream that maybe UTEP can keep it close against Texas, one is demented?
I never said UTEP would or could beat UT, I said UTEP could make it interesting!
One can dream can't one?
UT isn't the toughest team in the country and they are very beatable! Call me crazy, but you've seen how my crazy theories have come to fruition before!
One last thing; Mummy, shut your pie hole! You are inconsequential, all you spew in this blog is bilge, and worthless dribble!

Lowercase Ray

I know that we at UTEPIA are supposed to be Fans (fanatics) about our team. The argument as to whether UTEP can beat UT at Austin seems to be unbelievable. JAT and others basically made the case why the likelihood of us beating UT is a long shot. JAT, I got from your comments the following:
1. Years of Top 5 National recruiting classes.
2. Lofty preseason rankings.
3. The NCAA Championship within reach every year.
4. UT may win 10 games a year.
5. Ends the polls in the 20s.
6. Texas has national championship.
7. UT beat ASU in a bowl game.

RJ had about the same effect, “Wow, Holiday Bowl. They should be in the BCS title game every year with the talent they get.” "Worry about beating Oklahoma".
Which just highlights that they play Big 12 schools and we play CUSA schools; and lately get mostly whipped.

If your intentions were to make UTEP Fans feel that we have a chance, for me you’ve made the prospects seem far more removed. I kept adding all the highlights about UT and then I weighed UTEP’s highlights. I must say, I didn’t feel better about our chances. At least you left me with one reason to feel optimistic, that being the game will be on Sept 6; early in the season when we still tend to be at our best. Not something I expect will keep Mack Brown up nights though!

just a thought

LRay, I'm sure mine and RJs intentions were only to let Austin know we were not easily impressed nor intimidated by UTs football accomplishments. We just stated that they are a good program but should produce better results with what they recruit. RJ, Cleo and I all know the post was meant to get a response as one of ours would on an Austin newspaper webpage.

Many UTEP fans will be in awe of the Texas football team when they see them in September. So long as the Miner football team is not--UTEP will play well. Many fans in attendance will be there because they believe there is a chance...no matter what myself or Vegas has to say about it. The others will be there because that's where everyone else will be that night.


Monchis, I see your post is timed at 2:24 PM. I thought that Kindergarten let out at 2:45 PM. And by the way, quit using fifty cent words when you only know forty five cents worth.


Geez who's your mommy, why don't you say what's on your mind. All I'm saying is these C-USA refs aren't that good. We get the lower end of refs in D-1 ball. They call games in the Big 12 et al like they do in C-USA they would be looking for a new job. I go to all the games and I know what I and many others see. No I don't say they are throwing the game, they just aren't that good to begin with. Stick it in your ear and go find your mommy.


A consistent theme you see from UT sports fans is the over-zealous, if not compulsive and obsessive, need to claim superiority. Going to law school in Texas and now practicing in Houston, you see this sort of attitude from UT, and to a lesser extent, A&M fans. By the way, A&M fans are perhaps more obnoxious, but do not have as much to brag about in recent years.

A perfect example of UT fans' jealous defense of their program was last year's NCAA tournament. When I predicted that NMSU would give UT a decent game, my UT friends got to the point where they were defensive. I heard things like: "is this NMSU's first NCAA tournament," "where is that school," "I've never even heard of NMSU." These statements are nothing more than glaringly flagrant attempts to secure your school's position on the NCAA heirarchy. Any notion that an "inferior" school such as NMSU or UTEP can challenge the machine is to be quickly dismissed as irrational thought. It's almost like a shot against their "machismo."

With that said, I like Austin, and I believe he contributes a lot to this blog. I also like my UT friends, and maybe I don't understand the need for such a zealous defense because I am just a New Mexico Aggie. But what I do understand is how offended any UT fan gets at the suggestion that the little guy could beat the big bad giant. With phrases such as "what a real college football program looks like," the protective nature of UT athletics is jumping off the page.

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