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January 16, 2008


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That's great news for UTEP fans!(tailgating, ticket price changes).
Now if only coach Price would make some defensive coaching changes, imagine the possibilities!
I didn't realize how long that defensive safety and D-back coach that left, was here for eight seasons! Maybe UTEP can bring someone in here that can actually teach how to stop an opposing receiver from catching a pass!
Good move on the changes Mr. Stull!


I thought the parking garage and RV fees were un-reasonable.
Although, I only go to Utep games when NMSU is playing, the changes are good for the fans.

Regarding Monchis comments on changes to the FB staff. Isn't it a little late to fire and hire people?
All the D1 vacancies have been filled and the staffs are almost complete.

At this point in time, who do you fire and who do you bring in?

Lowercase Ray

I was surprised about Hawaii giving their defensive coordinator, Greg McMackin the head coach job. Being that Hawaii has been a high powered offensive team, I'd of thought that they'd hire a more prominent offensive type coach. Anybody know what kind of stock this guy comes from?

As to all the price changes, it was the smart move. If UTEP isn't winning, the numbers coming out to the games go down; the increase in prices just made that worse. Besides, when they start winning again you can always raise them again. :0

So besides losing Tim Duffie there is still the question mark whether Kansas City Chiefs will offer Eric Price the offensive coordinator job. I think that with Duffie, MP might have already had that in mind. Lets see how fast he fills that position. With Eric though, unless he's already starting to look for someone, if they do offer and he takes the job, MP might be caught a bit off balance.

JAT or CLEO, do you guys have any inkling as to whether Duffie's leaving was already anticipated by the program?


Vic, it's never too late, if, you bring in the right coach!
I'm hoping coach Price anticipated Duffie's departure and already has a replacement in mind.
My wish is, good luck to Colorado State with it's new d-back and safety coach! (A little bit of sarcasm here) He,he,he!!
By the way is UTEP scheduled to play Colorado State? If so, maybe the miners can exploit the Ram's pass defense, or lack thereof.

Who's your Mumme

LC Ray,
McMakin is a very good defensive coordinator.
1/2 of the staff is staying the other is on it's way to SMU.

The spread will remain but, June Jones was the brains and QB Colt Brennan, WR's Devon Bess, Ryan Grice Mullen and Jason Rivers executed it to perfection.
The brains are now in Dallas and the executioners will be playing on Sundays!

Depending on how many recruits they retain, UH will be finish 3-4 in the WAC.


What gets me is the Huge salary June Jones is getting from SMU. 2 million a year from a C-USA team. I know SMU produces some rich alumuni but thats a ridiculous amount of money. I could never see UTEP paying any coach that much money. And just what we needed, another spread offense in this conference.

SMU is really spending large amounts of money to turn around their programs by brining in big names. I wonder if they will have to raise ticket prices?

Well one thing is for sure, C-USA has a lot of big name coaches now. George O' Leary has proven himself, we will see what June Jones does. Mike Price is going to have to turn around that defense to save his reputation.


It's hard to sell premium priced service or goods when the team doesn't have a winning record. If the Miners were 9-2, and going to a bowl, no problem.

To SMU's hiring. SMU has the alumni base to pony up the bucks for a good coach. I'm glad he's coming to CUSA. Getting a little tired of CUSA being little sister to the other mid-majors like the Mountain West and the WAC. Maybe Jones will do something about that.

Lowercase Ray

Wow talk about falling from grace, to go from being the Mid-Major with the best '07 regular season finish and then to finish 3-4 in their own conference the following year, would be devastating. Talk about putting SMU #1 on Hawaii's most hated list, that would do it!

Just to clean-up a loose end, the Kansas City Star reported yesterday that "Chan Gailey was hired today as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator." So Eric Price is staying at UTEP for NOW.

I agree 2mil is a bunch of money in CUSA. In 2007, according to USA Today, George O'leary of UCF was the highest compensated coach with a bit over 1mil. I'm sure that after having won it all at CUSA this year, he's probably better then that by some this year. With his new contract, June Jones has just become CUSA's highest paid coach by a long ways. I think that's an indication of how badly SMU wants to bring it's FB program back to those days before the 1987 NCAA death penalty on it. I do believe he'll make SMU better and will also raise the status of CUSA. Though it isn't a bad Mid-Major conference, as the WAC can attest to.


It's all smoke and mirrors. Utep had to lower ticket prices for the games. Why? Because nobody will show up. There is NO star, 1st round draft pick to see anymore. Recruit quality players to the school, then you can keep the prices the same. I will pay top dollar to see a team with 1st rounders on it. Its awesome to see players like Higgins and Palmer score touchdowns because you know they will be doing it on Sundays.

So is Texas game going to be cheaper also??? Yeah right. Utep knows they can bank on that game, so that will be the most expensive ticket this coming season. Remember Texas Tech, that ticket was 3 dollars more than every other home game.

Stull had to lower ticket prices because nobody is willing to show up to see a mediocre team with no superstars. He will only raise ticket prices on the ones he knows will sellout to make up the difference.


I haven't heard UTEP AD Bob Stull complain about CSTV favoring the other C-USA schools and why UTEP has only two televised games left!
UTEP must be making money from the TV deal with CSTV and C-USA.
Apparently UTEP is satisfied not being on TV as much as Rice, SMU, Houston..., as long as they, (UTEP), gets that cash!

Who's your Mumme

Of topic.

Does anyone know if any Utep or NMSU players will be participating in the, Texas vs. the Nation?
I'm sure there has to be for attendance purposes.

I went on the web site and the roster link comes up empty.
Anyone know anything?


Good luck to UTEP today against Houston.
My concern is, how much of an influence that dirty little cry baby coach, (pendejo) Penders, will have on the officials!
If UTEP plays smart, rebounds and defends the three well, they should win!

Lowercase Ray

Marcus Thomas will play in the East West Shrine Game this Saturday in Houston. This will be his second postseason all-star game he has played, as he played in the Hula Bowl on Jan. 12. Also UTEP offensive lineman Oniel Cousins will join safety Quintin Demps in the Under Armour Senior Bowl on Jan. 26 in Mobile, Ala.

Other then these I've found no UTEP players playing post-season play.


Wow, what a disappointing performance by UTEP yesterday at Houston! Judging by what I saw, I see no post season play for UTEP this March!
I thought for sure Barbee would have a better game plan than what we saw. His inexperience as a head coach was glaringly apparent as the miners struggled mightily on stopping the Houston offensive onslaught!Once again it's wait til next year!

just a thought

LRay sorry for the late response as I've been out on the road lately.

Price encourages his coaches to explore other opportunities. I hear that UTEP was prepared and it was a good move for Duffie. Despite some of the good riddance sentiment I'm feeling on the blog, Duffie had little to do with our porous pass defense because he only coached D-line and linebackers and mainly in a support role. I suspect his hiring at Colorado State was a late in the game addition because he knows little about the nuances of the cornerback position (he was a linebacker at TT).

What UTEP does lose is a great recruiter. Because of his youth (and race), the recruits and players could identify and relate to him easily. He was directly responsible for bringing Demps and Amy to UTEP. Again, careful what you wish for...


Monchis, there will be postseason play this year for UTEP, but it will be the womens team who will be doing the dancing...serious props to the womens team.
I guess we now have to see if and when Adams jumps ship to go to a bigger school...she has done a great job building this team with a tenth of support the men's team gets.
Can anyone give me the attendance figures of their last game against Memphis?
Looks like they has a pretty decent crowd.

On to the men and their latest dissapointing loss.
The only positive I see in these losses is that when this team learns how to win close games on the road, they will hopefully savor that flavor and not lose to many other close ones.

dont give me the xcuse that this team is young, coach is inexperienced, blah blah blah....DJ, Kilgore, and Ramalho are all pretty experienced and Barbee sooner or later needs to figure out something.

I seriously can not believe this team cant win a close one against a good team.
This has been a problem since last year.
Look for us to go 9-7 in conference and get slaughtered by Memphis in the C-USA semis if we make it that far.



I predict we do better than 9-7 in conference. I look for us to be more like 13-4. If we do learn to win those close ones, we might do even better. We could still get a bid to the big dance. Or who knows, Memphis might have an off night since they're going regardless.

If we could just do a little better in the turnover and rebound department we'd be a team to look out for.

Caught the Aggie game on TV Saturday night. That Pope kid is bigger than I thought. He looked good for his first game and will be an asset to the team, no doubt.


Well RJ and Monchis, when it comes to talking about the Mens basketball team you have one of 2 excuses... there is the popular excuse that this team is inexperience with the large number of freshmen they play. If that doesn't satisfy you like many of you have made apparent then there is just one other excuse you can use.... they aren't talented enough to compete...

At least the first excuse gives people hope for growth and improvement. For those that don't believe that youth is a viable excuse than this is as good as it will get.


Jon, if you read my blog carefully I never said anything about the team's inexperience.
I said coach Barbee was the inexperienced one.
The team seems to play a type of undisciplined offense. There seems to be no set play calling, no one is driving into the lane looking either to shoot or pass the ball to an open team mate inside.
All they seem interested in is in shooting the three. And as I've said before, you live by the the three, (if they go in the basket), or die by the three when they fail to go in.
That's exactly what happened at Houston, the threes weren't going in! UTEP managed only three threes.
Barbee didn't seem to have a game plan to stop Houston from shooting the threes. He knew Houston's game is the three, why didn't he have his team guard their players a little closer or extend his defense outside the three point line?
Instead they, UTEP, were sagging back inside the three point line, why?


By the way, I'm sticking with my prediction that UTEP will not see any type of post play, (men's team).
As I said, UTEP has not shown any propensity to win a close game, they don't seem to be able to get over the proverbial hump, as it were!
Lack of an inside game, poor rebounding, and suspect three point shooting will lead to their demise!
Get an inside game coach!

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