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December 03, 2007


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A great traditional bowl game matching two very good teams. The Sun Bowl has done it again.
Oregon against South Florida.
El Paso, lets get ready to rumble....and party!!

Ike Heredia

Oregon can't win without Dixon. Look for South Florida to win in a boring game. I'm tired of seeing Oregon AGAIN! Nike pays their players with uniforms. No more Pac-10 teams in the Sun Bowl. Try getting SEC or Big 12 teams.

Who's your Mumme

I think Oregon will be ok.
Yes, they are not the same team w/o Dixon but, I really liked the way the young QB (not Leaf) played vs. OSU.

He get's three full weeks of repetitions to work on his timing.
In case he starts a little slow?
Oregon has a pretty good defense that will keep them in the game until he gets rid of the butterflys.

I still think Da Bulls will win but, the game will be closer than most people think!


I agree with Ike Heredia! That was the long standing joke this season in Northern California (with Cal), Southern Cal (With USC) and especially the elitist in Tempe, AZ (With ASU) about dreading the idea of playing in El Paso. We need to try and bring in more colder weather teams (Big East is a start) maybe ACC or a higher seeded Big 10 team so that fans can actually look forward to coming to El Paso. Otherwise we will continue being the butt of jokes for the fair weather fans of the Pac 10


If you lived in Tempe, LA, San Francisco, or the Pacific Northwest, would you want to spend New Years in El Paso? The Sun should move the game up a day or two so that fans can be back in time for the holiday.

Anyway, to anybody who doesn't think NMSU sucks, take a look at this. http://thewizardofodds.blogspot.com/2007/12/rain-game.html

Under 2000 people at Senior Night against a good Fresno State game? Unreal. NMSU needs to look into leaving D-1 football.



I don't know that I agree with you. Someone correct me, but didn't it rain alll night long in Cruces that Friday night? Great conditions, especially for fans who aren't used to that kind of weather. And wasn't there also a (indoor) basketball game that night --- at the same time? And wasn't the local highschool football team playing in the playoffs that night?

Let's see...at 2000 people, that means 5% of the population of that city showed up. At 6,000 announced, that's 15%. Either isn't bad considering the above factors.

I would rather the Aggies stay in D1 when we play them and not take a chance on losing to them in a lower division. (They did beat us this year.)


Hard to stake a claim that the Aggies belong in D-1 football. We have had an awful year and the attendence kept getting worse and worse.

Additionally, we must always defer to Austin's expertise in this area. Austin, if I'm not mistaken, is a UT student (or maybe a UT grad) Because he goes to a real big school, this makes him better than all of us and more apt to discuss college football matters. If Austin says we Aggies belong in D1-AA (or FCS), well by golly I say we Aggies better start making appropriate hotel arrangements in Flagstaff for our game against NAU. Lord knows all us Miner and Aggie fans are blessed by the fact that Austin even hangs around this blog, what with all the real athletics going on in our State's capital. Austin, you're like every UT fan I have ever met..."New Mexico...well I didn't even realize that was a state. I reckon they just pass statehood out to any territory! Thank God I live in Texas and go to a school which is supported by cool people like Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey."

Joking aside (and I am joking, I have plenty of UT friends that hear my "little guy" rant on a daily basis - it's nothing personal to Austin), NMSU has serious problems with their football team and fan attendance. However, the notion of moving to 1-AA will move us out of the WAC, a conference in which the Aggies have found success in other sports. Moreover, moving to a lower division loses much needed funding the Aggies get from Hawaii and Boise making BCS appearances and any other appearances the Aggies have on ESPN.


I have always been a UTEP fan and I enjoy it when NMSU is doing well. It's good for the area in general to have both universities performing well in sports. I just can't see how any community and alumni base that has a good team, with a good coach, that is playing a quality opponent can't get as many people that go to see Bowie and Jeff play 4-a football. There is just no excuse for that. Rain, other games, the fact that it was a Friday, whatever. I feel for the seniors at NMSU who played their last game in front of that crowd. Everytime NMSU is recruiting against a similar team for a player, the opposing coach just has to send that link to show a kid why he should not go to a city that can go see a big enchilada made every year but won't show up for senior night.

By the way, the UT-Austin connection has nothing to do with these views. I've been to Texas State games (not D-1) and seen better fan support than that. There are D-3 teams in central Texas that get more support than that. Hell, Austin Westlake has a nicer stadium than NMSU but I never realized that they have a better, more supportive, alumni base too. If Franklin-Coronado is a bigger event than NMSU-Fresno State on ESPN on Senior night, you have no business being in Division 1. It's a shame that a good coach like Hal Mumme is stuck down there.


"It's a shame a good coach like Mumme is stuck down there."
8-29 record makes Mumme a good coach?
Austin, you got a problem!

Mumme's an offensive guru, not a good coach. He should be an offensive coordinator.

About the game.
I've never been so wet before!
Yes, LC high played at the same in the State playoffs.
Yes, a BB game was on around the same time.
Yes, it started raining an hour before kickoff.
Yes, I was dissapointed w/ the attendance.

No, we are not leaving 1A!
We are closer to being succesfull than being the worst team in the country.
The injuries were unfortunate and I think the big losses to Boise and UH were what turned people off.
It was a promising season that turned into a nightmare.

Mumme needs to have a "do or die year."
If he can't pull it off w/ Chase, CW, AJ and the strong offensive nucleus. I expect the university will buy out his last contractual year.

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