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December 19, 2007


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Aw, that's too bad. I guess Doc Sadler didn't come through for Stull!
On another note, I'm glad that opportunistic little weasel Billy Gillespie, has finally bitten off more than he could chew, (taking the Kentucky job).
I'm delirious about his situation now at Kentucky!


Things just kee getting worse for NMSU's basketball team. On another note, Houston is about to crack the top 25.

I dunno, the blogs have been so quiet i'm just throwing stuff out there now.

just a thought

Jon, jwest, and LRay,

Went to the game the other night and Jackson and Culpepper are amazing. The other role players show potential but do you think UTEP is trying to build a traditional inside/outside team or five athletic players like a Memphis? Seems to me like Portalatin and Ramalho need help despite their size. The big man from SE LA was scoring on them at will. I hope that improves before conference play. Just wondering.


i can't believe people are STILL upset about billy c. there are very few, that would not take a better job and move up in their careers if giving the opportunity. heck, everytime a kentucky game is on, utep gets mentioned a few times, and that is certainly not a bad thing!!


NMSU stinks this year, and it looks like it's only going to get worse. Hawkins, Passos and Carter are likely going to be out due to elegibility issues. Take away 50% of the scoring from an already struggling team, and you get an even more struggling team. I'm about ready to puke. At least I am a San Antonio Spurs fan, so basketball season is never a complete disappointment.

UH is the real deal. There has been a big buzz around Houston about the Cougars this year, and a couple nights ago, I saw why. They are real good. Probably not good enough to give Memphis a serious threat, but good enough to whip an average Kentucky team. I have never seen Kentucky dominanted to that extent. Kind of has to make you UTEP fans feel good, huh? I know A&M fans walked around with a grin on their faces Wednesday.


THe Miners are weak inside, Ramalho just doesn't have the BB IQ coach keeps talking about and Portalatin will take some time. Good news is the 6'11 1/2"" guy sitting on the bench waiting for next year. My seat neighbors say he is the real deal at center and has NBA potential. But for now the team will have to find a way to get tough underneath. When 6'9"" and 6"10" players play better from the perimeter than under the basket you know you have problems. But you can't argue with being 6-2.

Toasted Whitebred

UH has played every game at home except for 3 in Puerto Rico, a neutral site, to mid and low major oponents and they lost one of those three. The only win of note so far is against Kentucky which has lost most of its games including one at home to Gardner-Webb. I would wait a while before I would call Houston the real deal. The Miners are a more 'real' deal than Houston right now.


Just read the article on Tim Hundley and it looks like his status with the team is still up in the air. Many on this blog were hinting that Hundley would end up staying for next year but the tone of the article seems to be leaning the other way. At the moment it seems that Hundley will not return next year.

Lowercase Ray

I thought that I’d watch a few more UTEP games before I put my sense of where this team is. From the few games I’ve watched, including the Sun Bowl Tourney, I see a team that is similar to last year’s. With all the freshmen, I see a team that has a lot of raw talent but it needs to be refined; only playing experience will do that. Culpeper is an example of what I’m saying, he is an exciting scorer but oh-so streaky. From the players that have started only Julyan Stone has a lower FG% than Culpeper. If you compare him to the two upper classmen, Jackson and Kilgore, they are better then .500 while Culpeper’s is .339. I give him a year and he’ll be one of our best players.
The big men situation I see as being much the same as last year; perhaps because other than Ramalho, they don't have the experience. JWest, has pretty much sized up Ramalho; he tries hard but he just can't keep up with the better big men in D1 play. Other than Stephon’s incredible shooting year, the other difference I see this year is that they've got a ferocious defense. They really need to address being able to rebound better though; sometimes they’ll defend great for 34 seconds, only to give up the offensive rebound at 35 seconds. This goes back to underneath play. Even though they continue to win, to this point they have beaten only team that are faring no better then .500. The UNM game I think will be a true barometer as to where this team really is.
As to what style of game they try and play? Barbee comes out of the Memphis camp, I think that he would love to play the Memphis game. Unfortunately he just doesn’t have the horses here, so he's forced to play something closer to last year's game again.


billy screwed us, how do you expect UTEP fans to act? Don't be surprised that we expect him to rot 6 feet below very soon. Muench, aren't you tired of telling us about this and that rumor? I for one have grown tired of your constant rumor telling, you're a fool and you're worse than the dam celebrity gossip magazines. Love it when you and Koester are (always) wrong.


The Miners are better off this year than last year because of numbers. Those numbers would be the quantity of players with height and bulk. In a perfect world these players would be athletic, highly skilled and NBA bound. The fact is that we are a guard oriented team and our big men are going to be role players. That's not a bad thing. The post players need to hold their own through defense and rebounding. Any offensive production they give is a plus. We'll take that for now until we are able to develop our young post players to the point that they are an overall threat. It is without question an upgrade from where we were a year ago.




sorry about that last post, i haven't been able to post anything for a while and didnt want to waste my time writing something long...
anyways things are kind of quiet right now...so I just thought I would throw out some prediction and see what everyone thinks...

1. Memphis
2. Houston
3. UAB
4. UTEP...maybe Tulane
(i know they lost to Buffalo, but they have some pretty decent wins)

I think Utep will win about 18-19 games this year with a couple of nice wins against UH and UAB at the DHC.
Realistically we are not looking at any post season this year. I think we gear for next year when DJ's a senior and all these Freshman get a year under their belt...I thought the kicker would definitely be UTEP getting the C-USA Tourney, but it appears that is going to Tulsa and their brand new arena (thanks EP city council for not building that new d'town arena, you guys are great.)
But I still think we are an NCAA team next year...
This year we are looking at Memphis getting a number one seed and Im thinkin houston will grab a 11 to 13 seed. The cougs are solid and have about three guys that can carry the load on any given. It seems like their guys have been there for years, arent they JUCO guys. What happened?

UAB is probably nit bound, Robert Vaden alone will win them some games and Mike Davis is a proven coach.

This conference is definitely on the ups...should be an exiciting year all the way around.

Final Prediction:
Memphis beats UNC for the natl. title.

just a thought

Happy Holidays to all bloggers. Conference play is around the corner for UTEP/NMSU basketball and none too soon. I'm tired of seeing teams I can't find on a map (insert insult here).

1) Surprised there weren't any WAC bashers mouthing off after an entertaining ECU/Boise St. game.

2) Maybe because former UTEP head coach Nord called the plays for FAU to run all over Memphis in their bowl game?

3) Any thoughts/predictions on the Sun Bowl?


I knew that schmuck would get his com-upance sooner or later!
I'm glad that little narcissist is feeling like he's left others behind in search for the almighty dollar!

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