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November 06, 2007


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I would leave as well. Nothing much to do in ELP. Thanks for the good years Mr. Stull.


Oh yeah. Lincoln Nebraska. What a hot bed of fun. I'll take El Paso anytime. It's not like Nebraska is a cultural mecca. The entire state has 1.7 million people. Not bashing Nebraska, but El Paso has plenty to offer. If you can't see it, then maybe you should move. UTEP is an up and coming university and the fortunes of the city will rise with it.


So Stull should stay because El Paso is a "Cultural Mecca?" Hmm... let's see, should Stull pass up an opportunity to lead a perennial national power (not only in football, in a real college town that appreciates their team, at a place that will pay him well over a million dollars a year, in a conference that can be seen on national tv, because El Paso has "culture?" And by culture I think you mean Viva El Paso and Chico's Tacos? Is that "culture?" Anyway, Stull leaving would be horrible for UTEP. He has singlehandedly turned the place around. Streets should be named after him. Really, he has accomplished more there than anybody else ever could. EP owes him a debt of gratitude, and if he is lucky enough to land one of the top 3-4 AD jobs in America (as opposed to one of the top 3-4 AD jobs in C-USA), he should jump on it.


I remember back in the 1980's right after Stull took UTEP to the Independence Bowl, I asked him point blank if he was leaving and he said, "Oh, my wife and I love El Paso!"
He left for Missouri the following month.
He never really gave a straight answer then, and I assume he won't today either, if he's asked again.
"We, love El Paso", wink, wink, and then he's gone.
Mr. Stull lucked out acquiring coach Price, it sure wasn't because that's whom Stull had in mind after firing Nord.
Price just happened to be available then, due to his unfortunate circumstances at Alabama. So you might say Price fell into UTEP's lap quite fortunately and unexpectedly.
Mr. Stull while here, has had a very good string of good luck come his way.
Joe, I don't believe the the money sources have run dry here in good ole El Paso.
There are still plenty of ex-alum, with money, that can be persuaded to support UTEP financially!
I'm certain there's another Larry Durham out there somewhere with deep pockets
that's willing to support UTEP, as Durham did.
One more thing, Has the Sun Bowl organization ever helped UTEP financially or helped with the stadium repairs, upkeep, etc? Just curious, since the organization does use the stadium for its annual game. What does UTEP get in return?
I know the stadium is owned by the county, or is it?
On another note, the UTEP basketball team looks impressive, don't they?
Maybe they can whip NMSU!


Stull is a heck of and AD and has a great run in El Paso.
The name: Nebraska.
Has BCS championship (not this year) written all over it! He would be dumb not to take it.

Somebody is still stewing over NMSU beating Utep in FB this year. Wonder who it is?
I doubt Utep will "whip NMSU." A split at best but, I still think we take out the brooms.

The season start Friday at Ohio and then we are on ESPN vs. Duke on Monday!

just a thought

Congrats to Jose Martinez for proving me waaay wrong with his play this year. To be able to come in off knee surgery and play as well as he has is nothing short of amazing.

Question to the informed LRay and jwest:Does UTEP have a legit second scorer on the basketball team?


Yes, Are you forgetting Stefon Jackson. He was just playing around the other night and finished with 19 points. He spent many minutes on the bench. If opponents double Culpepper then that frees up DJ to do his thing. Believe it or not 6-11 Jeremy Sampson is one of the better three point shooters on this team. He will light it up. I think he already has 4 threes for the year. Julyan Stone could develope into a good scorer as well. One more plus, they sink free throws. Don't get me wrong this is a young team as far as back-ups are concerned but they have a lot of raw talent. I'd give em a year to grow and then hold on.

Lowercase Ray

Jwest, that was strange with Jeremy Sampson last year. Coming into the Memphis game late last season he had made or had like taken one 3 pointer. No one even expected he could shoot 3 pointers; then that Memphis game he was on fire, making like 4 or 5 three pointers. I think it left most people wondering where he had been all season. With him being 6'11'', and UTEP not being a big team, you wanted him inside trying to get rebounds. That didn't work so well because he wasn't heavy enough; it was to easy for the bigger men to push him around. Now that UTEP has a bit more size to them, I'm thinking Barbee might use him more at a forward position? Those who have seen this BB team play already, what do you think?

just a thought

I remember watching Sampson last year and I wouldn't get in there with the big boys like Dorsey from Memphis either if I had the build that he has. While I don't expect him to be as big as me--eat a sandwich and a protein shake Manute Bol. Sheesh!


Sampsons bigger this year by about 20 pounds.


Sampson can shoot.
Even w/ the extra 20Lbs, he's still a string bean and will get pushed around by 6'8, 6'9 240 Lb players in the paint.

I thought Jackson was the primary scorer? Is Culpepper better than Stephon?


The miners have some beef under the basket. Wayne Portalatin is 6-10 240 and has a soft touch under the basket. Claude Britten is 6-11 and around 270, as the coach has said he needs some development and time but he will play this year, Tavaris Watts 6-9 210, maybe a little heavier now is quick with a nice shooting touch so Sampson is not the only big guy to play this year. As I said Sampson has a solid three point shot and seems a little quicker under the basket since last year. Portalatin is going to see a lot of action this year. Defenders are going to have thier hands full with Jackson, Culpepper and the rest of the newcomers. The front can go 6-11, 6-11, 6-10, 6-9, 6-9 so the Miners have some height this year.


Culpepper is a great shooter he hits threes from beyond the arc, NBA range and is not afraid to put it up. He'll be a big scorer all year. If Stone, Cass and McCulley find their range they will be good contributers between the 8-10 points per game. The Miners could possibly have two 20 point scorer a game in Jackson and Culpepper.

Lowercase Ray

Last year Jackson was their number 1 in so many categories, including scoring. I remember Joe Muench creating a topic looking for someone to be the leader on that team and mentioned something about Jackson stepping into that role. I then listed how he was first in half the categories and second in so many of the others that he didn't have the time to take on any more roles. I wonder if this year we'll have someone or more then one person that takes on that role. In those 20 game win seasons there was always someone that the team could turn to for leadership; Smallwood, Thomas (OT), Rivera, Tofi, J Will. Perhaps it will be Jackson's year to do that.


Mr. Muench, Why would Nebraska want Stull? Wouldnt they go after someone more currently involved with the University and its Boosters/ Regents?


1. There will be an opening for the AD position at Neb sometime in the futre. Nobody knows how long Mr. Osborne will stay.
2. Mr. Stull may be looking for a new job because he's done alot at UTEP, but some may be unhappy with him.
3. He was born and raised in IA, and coached there.
Somehow you add 1 + 2 + 3 and come up with Mr Stull as a possible candidate for AD at Neb???????? Please tell me you have more than that.


On Stull: Honestly, I don't see why Nebraska would want him. He's done a decent job for us here, but I don't see him as a shining star that would get their attention.

On basketball: I can't wait. UTEP looks good, better than this time last year. My early prediction is 22 wins and two very entertaining games with the folks just up the road (who also appear to be good).

just a thought

Kentucky lost to who?! Where is that school even located? Guess the UTEP curse stays with you when you leave.

Guy Fox

Stull's a jerk, let him go. New uniforms? Not Stull's idea, it was his assistant AD's idea. That guy is a class act. I'd be glad to see Bob Stull leave. Out with the old and in with the new.


Good to see Gillespie get his!
Mr. Take the Money & Run, got off on the wrong foot.

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