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UTEP fan in SA

Why did Michael Perez leave the team? How has there not been an article on this? the guys was one of the leading scorers on the team and would have had a huge role on the team going into this season.

Mike Armstead

Perez faded toward the end of the season and the freshmen got more and more playing time. With the incoming group of recruits, he would have playd even less next year and two years from now. Wish him well at his new, smaller school


I think it's a shame when we lose a player of the character of Perez. The kid did lead the team in scoring most of the season, only player to make Conference player of the week, only player who made a all tourney team and you are ready to condem him??? I dont think next years team will be better than this years. You lose the leadership of Gabe and the scoring of Perez. How will we be better? I want to see what our conversation will be next year when Washburn leaves for the next level. We will always be rebuilding if we cant keep guys around more than 2 years.


Losing Mike Perez is old news. If he didn't want to be here or the coaches didn't want him here then good luck to him. They both have the right to choose. The blog is about potential incoming recruits (although not very informative at all). The names that I have heard about the most is SF BillyDee Williams 6'5" from Florida and C Matt Willms 6'11" from Nevada.

What UTEP needs is a 3-point shooter that can handle the ball and defend the perimeter. I'm hoping that Twymond Howard or potentially Williams/Watts can be that guy so that UTEP can go after an athletic big man with next years one scholarship


McKenzie Moore is the real deal. Watch out for him!!!


If Willms nor Dee Williams commit. Be on the lookout for high school junior Dominic Woodson 6'9" from Texas.

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