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Mark Salazar

Derrick Caracter is a perfect example of how a good number of sports agents take advantage of these uneducated athletes. He showed poor judgement not staying one more year at UTEP.

He would have benefited from the guidance a former pro coach, like Tim Floyd would have given him. He would have been a better defensive player, honed his power forward skills,and ultimately been drafted higher with another college year under his belt. He did not even mildly consider it after the loss to Butler in San Jose. He was misguidedly led to believe he was a NBA star...poor kid. He will never make it back into the NBA.


Caracter had a bum knee and a bum attitude. I think he rushed to the NBA because he knew his playing time on that knee was limited. Even if he recovers from his knee surgery I don't think he'll ever have much of an NBA career. And what became of his legal issues? Assaulting a minimum wage earning pancake house employee? That really shows what he's made of. Good riddance.

Now how about Moultrie? He sat out a year because he refused to play for Tim Floyd (as reported). He had a prior relationship with Stansbury at Miss State so he transferred to join him. To me it seems a huge price to pay just because you don't like a coach (Floyd) - a year of eligibility. Well now the press is reporting that Stansbury is retiring. So Moultrie's decision now? I'm betting he enters the NBA draft. One and done at Miss State (wow, did they really fell apart down the stretch). Moultrie's decision to leave UTEP is not looking so good when measured strictly in terms of basketball outcomes.


Derrick Caracter got waived by the Vipers yesterday. I really don't know the reason why. So sad :(


He played for the Idaho Stampede (Developmental League) towards the end of the season, but wasn't productive.


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