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Great, but why not wait until next year when the miners will have huge home games like Oregon, UNLV, and Memphis (all likely to be sold out)?

miner maniac

Assuming that the rule is still in place that jersey numbers cannot begin or end with a 6, 7, 8, or 9, that only leaves 36 available jersey numbers by my count. Four are already retired, and a normal roster is anywhere between 12 and 15. You're going to run out of available jersey numbers real quick! I'm all in favor of honoring our past legends, but am not a huge fan of retiring numbers either.

And on the subject of banners, can you explain Bill why there still isn't a 2011 NIT postseason appearance banner?


Did anyone see the "antics" of the Marshall basketball team when they were playing UCF. I know UTEP lost by a bunch to them, but is this the type of coaching they're facing in this league?

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