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We need a big guy. Floyd keeps recruiting point guards and 6-5 to 6-7 guys


Looks like a really good pickup but not sure where all the scholarships will come from (especially if there are any further additions such as Winston Shepard). Floyd is going after the best players possible and will weed out the rest over the next few years. If all goes well then look for a huge jump in UTEP basketball.

All he needs now is fan support! Go Miners!


Floyd's on the move, but Bill Knight isn't. He's the last one in the universe to post this info. It's already been on minerdigs, minerillustrated and every other worthwhile UTEP website.


Be still. Big Daddy D was 6'7" and played center--these two recruits are forwards.


Floyd is taking us to the top! Final Four in the next 7 years guranteed!


Floyd is taking us to the top! Final Four in the next 7 years guranteed!


seems like floyd is recruiting a posse of sf's & pf's. hopefully we have some wings versatile enough to play the 2 & we strike gold on one of the pg's. we're thin at the 5, & it'd be nice if he can find a legit center to back bohannon. btw, anyone know if rashanti harris is still in the picture? heard washburn might play this yr after sitting out

Missy Daniels

Floyd finally has UTEP going in the right direction.


It doesn't matter what kind of kids he gets. As long as they keep running that old style basketball, they won't get very far.

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