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thanks for the update Mr. Knight, may you disclose where these rumors are coming from? or does anyone else have an idea where they may be coming from, such as another blog or website out there.


Mr. Knight, I understand if you can't disclose the source of your "rumor mill", but needless to say, I trust what you're reporting is a from a trusted source close to the situation. Regardless, thanks for the update.


Are the C-USA tourney refs all from C-USA or do they exchange officials here too?

UTEP fan in SA

I wish ESPN could get ahold of this information. They've been bashing Floyd and UTEP as of late. I even went as far as writing to ESPN about this. They fail to mention UTEP beating a "bubble team" in Memphis but are quick to take up a whole segment in the C-USA section to bash Floyd.

chris lopez

Rumors have been floating via Twitter with no factual information to back them up; good post from Bill to address and give us info. on how suspensions work in context to conferences. Thanks Bill.

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