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October 14, 2010


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(Repost from earlier) I think it is important that the Miners get a lead early, as UAB is a capable team (they almost beat Tennessee at their place), and they got us last year in the Sun Bowl. We have to be more physical than they are, and Trevor has to remain calm and not throw any momentum changing INTs. It would be great if Buckram emerged from his funk with a breakout game here, as it would give us the boost we need to get over the hump. Also, if they can achieve the mentality that they can go on the road and impose their will on the other team, it gives us a realistic shot to beat Marshall (who almost beat a ranked West Virgina team) and Tulsa (which can turn ugly on us if we don't get a lead early). TU also has a revenge factor after the close game we won last year on ESPN. If we can somehow manage to run the table for the West Division title, we would probably have to head east for the C-USA Championship, as UCF looks like they have a good chance to finish unbeaten in conference play. GO MINERS!!!


Amazing to think with a few more UTEP wins and a couple of other CUSA West losses, we could be playing for a conference championship... Sucks ECU/UCF would probably give it to us pretty rough... None the less go miners!


The edge given to UAB is quite simple. UTEP wins have been over lowly rated teams, plus UTEP has a horrendous record of playing eastern teams on the road. Using the large line excuse for UAB is a copout excuse - UTEP is equally large. If UTEP can avoid bonehead errors, they should win easily because I really believe UTEP is a better team, but game forecasters always project on historical road records and UTEP has not been very successful in this endeavor - hopefully this will be the start of a succesful road campaign for the Miners.

Momma T

If the Miners just play their game, they can beat a lotta teams. But if they play miner ball they might be able to pull this one out. The def. has to make the trip in order to make the miners a 6-1 team and bowl eligible.

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