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October 06, 2010


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LMAO!! I love that flyer. What a way to motivate the players. We'll see if it works.

just a thought

Hilarious. I'm glad UTEP groupies weren't this way in the 90s. Maybe they just gave us pity affection!

chris lopez

Good stuff.

Dan Tovar

As an Alum, I see UTEP heading in the right direction as Dr. Natalicio has given us the vison of Tier 1 status. UTEP is today recognized as the number one college for Hispanic students in the School of Business. I don't think having free-for-alls on campus will get us any points there. So if the on-campus tailgate rule changes favor the student who will go out and make a good name for us, then I am in favor. God bless the Peace Officers that are charged with keeping order to some of this organized chaos. GO MINERS!!!

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