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October 10, 2010


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Serg Coronado

Keep dreaming El Paso, UTEP will faulter, just like they always do. But not before all you idiot's in El Paso (a.k.a. Juarez) waste all your time overeating and drinking and thinking you might have something special. Just like your Cowgirls (Present record 1-3) will only bring you down to your knees in disbelief as to how pitiful football really is in Texas. Keep dreaming, and throwing rocks at Border Patrol Agents.


Mr. Coronado, GROW UP! Your comments demonstrate your lack of class and maturity. 1. Say what you want about UTEP. Will you be man enough to post a positive comment when UTEP DOES go to a bowl? Probably not. If you do you would come up with another childish reason to critisize UTEP and insult their fans. 2. About your comments re: "EP-AKA Juarez? Throwing rocks"? What a bitter little person you must be. I wonder why? Didn't your mommy and daddy ever tell you that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all? OR do you shamefully reflect their parenting? 3. As for the "Cowgirls", not all Texans are "Cowgirl" fans. You on the otherhand are probably one on those people who is a fan of the team that is winning at the time. Right? What expertise do you have for such comments? Ever played? Coached? Referee? Waterboy? PROBABLY NOT. There is a saying that states, "Those who can; DO, and those who can't; TALK". You probably don't have the mental capacity to understand this, but your Special Ed. teacher may be able to explain it to you.

Miner Niner

Wow, Serg Coronado is having a bad day! LOL! Stop being such a "Negative Nancy" and man up boy!!!!

Momma T

Nobody know what the miners will do, but I'm a true believer of anybody can be beaten on any given day so you better pray and hope that they all just strap up and come to play. Go miner and I'll be there for the SMU game. Now let us all pray for a win UTEP fans, god works even we're sleep, he never busy so we just ask him for what we want and he'll give it to us. Thank You Jesus life and I love the UTEP Miners.

tio tomas

Wheels are falling off. It is the usual mid-season UTEP break down.

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