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September 27, 2010


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just a thought

Good analysis Pablo but its still a little early to know if the defense has improved that much. The defense definitely played better in a single game than we've seen in about a decade but that's about it.

It's not like we just held Tulsa to 13 points or something. The next game is not much of a defensive litmus test either but if we hold Rice and UAB to less than 17 I'll buy what you're selling.


every true miner fan please go to www.capitalonebowl.com n vote for paydirt pete he is currently going up against oregon duck. right now he is leading 12,718 votes to 9,375. the overall standings have us at #3 n oregon at #2 we need to win this week. please vote now


If we continue to hold opponents under 21 pts, then we win the majority of our remaining games and will be bound for a bowl game!

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