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September 19, 2010


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beat Memphis and then start drinking the Kool-aid. Yes, it's nice to beat NMSU and beat them bad!! Miners have never beat Memphis, that would be huge.


Beat Memphis then it should be easy rolling over the Lobos...


Joe is not predicting a 7-1 Miner start. He is throwing that out there so that if or when they fail, he can blast them and the naysayers can have a field day. Mediocre CUSA is down this year so if the Miners were to make a run, this would be the year to do it. Problem is that we're just not that good yet. Not good enough to run over the rest of the schedule in a weak conference. But if the ball rolls our way, we certainly could win a championship this year. I'm just not going to make any predictions because we've proven ourselves capable of some monumentous breakdowns in close games over the years.


Makes for the "what if" scenario had Houston played UCLA before we played them. Would could be 8-0 ;)

Chris Stanley

UTEP did what they had to do against NMSU: win big. However the Aggie offense was so pathetic a shutout would bring the fans back sooner.
Am I sold on the 7-1 prediction by Joe? Not yet. Will Buckram play this year? Will UTEP play defense against someone who can really move the ball. The Houston game showed how weak the Miners are on defense.
I want UTEP to win, make no mistake. But wins over Pine Bluff and NMSU prove little.
The Miners need to tighten their defense and hope Buckram plays this season. So far there's been no sign of either.

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