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May 11, 2010


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Moultrie would never get the chance to step in to the Don Haskins again, even if he went to Memphis. He would sit out for 2011 and his final year of eligibility 2012 UTEP would play Memphis at Memphis.

Jay Koester

There goes RoOsTeR again, letting the facts get in the way of a good story.


Laugh of the day. Thanks you two.


Just further proof that the NBA wants stars not journeymen these days. In the end, he would have been better off with Tim Floyd or with Barbee if he has to sit out a year.


So what if he did stay, had a good Jr year and then left? Maybe Floyd saw that in the cards and basically told him that since his (Moultrie's) heart wasn't committed to the team, he needed to move on.
Plus with a new coach and new system ALL the players now have start from scratch to earn that starting role, meaning actually working hard.
Just my two cents...


This spoiled brat athlete probably got his little boy ego hurt by Barbee leaving and then just made a series of bad decisions. Ask around the athletes dorm, you'll find more than one "good riddance" comment.

There's no mystery....unless you write UTEP sports for a living and need to make stuff up for your blog.

John C

Jay do not be afraid to go Muenching!! You have to have a thick skin to read and leave posts---I have fun.

The Moultrie thing---I have strong feeling as do others on Muench blog and MinerRush, that Moultrie wanted to be featured in next year basketball schemes as Caracter was this past year.

In addition to this Barbie was a deciple of Calipari---played for him and was his assistant. We all know that Calipari will recruit the highschool all-american and start him first year. In fact Calipari had five (yes five) this past year and all declared for the draft and will not return to UofK.

Barbie did the same thing with Caracter, except that he had a hidden agenda----win to depart!!
He won 16 straight with Culpeper and Caracter, won the CUSA season title, voted CUSA coach of the year---all of this with bolting in mind when a big school came along to pay him big bucks that come in trucks.

Caracter evidently had in mind a one and done deal----declared for the draft after only one year of production at UTEP. That maybe the deal he made with Barbee to come here. Patino put Caracter out to pasture because of attitude problems. I know that we are now bashing Caracter and BArbee now because they left. However, both seemed to have this as an agenda.

Moultrie saw this in Barbee and Caracter and wanted featured playing time to build up his NBA draft stock----except Floyd was not playing this game. Floyd wants his players to commit everything to the basketball program to include Moultrie to decide to stay for the two years left on his eligibility and play hard on defense after he won a starting position during the summer and preseason period.

I am totally baffeled by Moultrie decision to withdraw from NBA draft and transfer---not a good position for Moultrie at all. I wonder who has been advising Moultrie?

What school would want a player for only one season?? He is going to have to learn entirely new system and make the starting line-up to accomplish anything. This is going to be really hard!!


This is Culpepper's team now!

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