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March 29, 2010


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hes a loyal coach hes proved it. i for my part sick n tired of up n coming coaches leaving after 1 ncaa apperance. this guy might not be a flashy name but he has been to the final 4 n looks like he will retire from UTEP if given the chance

Mark Alvarado

Maybe this is the guy who will commit and sustain the current success. Time will tell. El Paso wants somebody to love. We're tired of being the stepping stone. Love or hate Mike Price, he's stucked it out and though we don't see the W's like we would want at least we're not getting blown out every game and so it is my hope that Dickey can be competetive.


I agree with this article and with Javi. He's a great guy and will probably be much more loyal, plus he's a solid coach. Most people who gripe about UTEP not paying well are not even season ticket holders and/or donors. If they want someone to stay, they need to support the program finacially other than buying a few single game tickets only when UTEP is winning.

Erick Ross

Once you start qualifying your selection -- "I said right, not best ..." -- then your argument is flawed. And once you start sacrificing quality for a low pay day, then you care nothing about quality. Dickey has never been a head coach in Division I. Neither had Gillispie you say, well I say neither had Jason Rabedeaux. Neither had Barbee you say, well I say neither had Sadler, whose success here was actually Gillispie's residual success. The read on Sadler lies in Nebraska's finish in the Big 12 (last, 2-14 record). You have a chance to get a proven and high quality Division I coach and you take a flyer on an unproven coach. No offense, but Dickey is the wrong choice.

yeah right

Oh please. this Miner team may have been talented but the coaching staff had no control. Dickey wont get it done.

oh please

sometimes inability to get hired somewhere else is viewed as "loyalty"


What Pablo? Why aren't you campaigning for a hispanic coach? remember a cpl months ago when you told us all UTEP should purse a hispanic coach that would reflect the makeup of the community and they should recruit hispanic players for the same reason?

what happened to that idea Pablo?

Randall Dickey?



Coach Dickey is a good man and a good coach...he knows the game, he knows the players, and he knows El Paso. He is a class act. I, for one, hope he does get the job and gets a chance to show his abilities as a leader.

Coach...GIT R DUN

Joe John Valadez Sr

what ever is done,do it inconditionally and in the best intrest of anybody-GO MINERS!!!!!!!


To Miner Basketball Fans:
Perhaps a good start on encouraging the next UTEP coach to stay a while in El Paso:
1) STOP making every UTEP basketball coach and every coaching prospect live up to Don Haskins!
2) Demand an explanation from the UTEP administration as to why they cannot pay competitive coaching salaries! (I'm not talking about $1 - $1.5 million per year...just competitive)


Although I am a huge Tim Floyd and Billy Gillispie fan, I think Dickey would make for an excellent coach who would likely stay loyal to UTEP and El Paso. And, being an Eddie Sutton disciple doesn't hurt either. I bet he would get us back to some fundamental defensive basketball.

With that said, who is this third candidate? Could it be Greg Foster after his KVIA appearance last night? Or even The General who hasn't written off returning to coaching college hoops?


Reading the caveats written about the selection of Randall DIckey as head UTEP basketball coach posted by Pablo Villa is a bit like saying "He doesn't sweat much for a fat man" or "She's got a pretty face for a fat girl". This putting lipstick on a pig ladies and gentlemen ...lipstick on a pig!!! UTEP took the cheap way out once again!


I'm with Richard here - I think UTEP is taking the cheap route. I can't see Dickey turning UTEP into a perennial tourney team.

I was hoping UTEP wouldn't continue their nationally known program of "rehab for broken-down college coaches" (Floyd, Gillespie ... a la Mike Price) but maybe if they rehired Floyd, he could turn around and spot DC some cash to stay in a Miner uniform for one more year.

Pablo Villa

Just a reminder folks, none of this is final. Randall Dickey is not officially UTEP's head coach. An announcement is expected this week.

Rob, you are mistaken. I've never said UTEP should pursue a Hispanic head coach, much less for the reason of reflecting the makeup of the community.

I offered a couple comments on a post written by Jay Koester on Jan. 20 in which he brought up a Kansas City Star story on Kansas State coach Frank Martin and the success he had this season with two Latino players.

In those comments, I wondered aloud what could have been had two top 100 recruits, who happened to be Latino, had stayed with UTEP in 2005. I also mentioned that UTEP's location might offer an edge if it chooses to go after Latino players. Not a mention of a desire for a Latino coach anywhere.


Brad C

UTEP is sacrificing a potential short term gain on the cheap. I guess this is one fan who will turn in his season tickets. For once, I wish the admin would listen to the fans... the choice is Floyd, not another experimental coach. Barbee was not that good, he just recruited well. He coasted on his player's talent. Unless Dickey is as good or better at recruiting, the game is over folks... it is obvious that he does not have much chops as a coach if he was not able to balance Barbee's stupidity and lack of tactical skill.


Steve Kaplowitz reported on his blog that Tim Floyd's father in law is very sick in Louisiana and that his wife doesnt seem to want to make the move to El Paso. Supposedly Stull is going to talk to Floyd one last time tonight on the telephone after the Hornets game.

* Dickey was the one who brought Caracter and Julian Stone to El Paso. Also there is a good chance he would bring in his brother who was the head coach at Texas Tech for ten years.

* One poster said above that Dickey has been unable to find a job anywhere else. That is not true. Sadler wanted to take him to Nebraska and would have made more money over there. He declined because he said his wife and kids love El Paso.

*Dickey was an assisant at Oklahoma St under Eddie Sutton and has been to the Final Four.


Randall is a great guy, so is James. I hope Randall gets the job and I know all the aforementioned candidates. Randall has paid his dues and earned his chance. When Utep hired Billy nobody knew whether he could coach or not. Knew he could recruit. give Randall a chance. j..

miner fan

hahah you make me laugh el paso has the most stupid writers i've ever read. you know el paso and utep need to start looking up and realizing that we need to go for the best thats what wins champion ships not it's right for the team. god stop sitting there and going oh he's ok someone needs to step up and and say hey! this guy is a excellent coach and would be great here. but wait he wants to much money.... well u know what how bout TAKE A CHANCE for once!!!! so what floyd comes in screws up first two years. then he gets his recruits in and bam! were dancing again baby. so we have one more good year big woop down the drain after that and guess what looking for a new coach again.... i say fire stull he is a pansy and a stupid A.D he passed up richardson and now floyd which both were loved by El Paso and would have packed the Don hell we would have to expand it. so i say throw him out!!!!


would you guys stop blaming bob stull for not hiring floyd n billy. the fact is they dont want to come to el paso plain n simple.

miner fan

uh no javi sorry to say this but they would so wake up and smell the coffee. they dont want to pay him! utep could get anyone they but money talks and for some reason utep doesnt want to spend any to become a descent program. utep will always be thought of as a joke till someone steps in and pushes for those bucks to be pushed and spent on a good coach look at UNM. they pushed and started paying big bucks and look their coach. he is a good guy who is sticking around and has a great team. so you know what i am blaming stull because he has all the say in this.PAY OUT THE MONEY is my chant next year when the miner takes the court.

Ed Foster


Brad C

My point is that no one has wanted him as a HEAD COACH! Who gives a @#$% if Sadler wanted him as an assistant, Sadler has sucked (as expect) in Nebraska.


El Paso, since when being a good person got you a job. Let's be real about this an A.D. should worry about 2 things 1. WINNING 2. REVENUE so why not take a chance UTEP on paying someone. Like Tim Floyd if hired would increase season ticket sales. If hired I would purchase season tickets and basketball is not my #1 sport. Not only that even thosed hated fair-weathered fans would line up and buy tickets it's about making money and taking chances. UTEP should run the athletic dept. like a business and see it like BILLY G, DOC SADLER, and TONY BARBEE it's about MONEY!!!!!! HIRE TIM FLOYD NOW, UTEP!!!!!!


* BRAD, My point is that Dickey could have been an assistant coach in the Big 12 right now making more money than he is here. Instead he has chosen to remain at UTEP. Why? Maybe he likes El Paso. Maybe if he has a few good seasons he'll choose to stay at UTEP when the big boys call.

* MANNY,I would have liked Gillispie or Floyd too, but what are we gonna pay them with? Our good looks? UTEP can't afford to be paying people 1 million dollar salaries. I see what your saying, having one of those guys could possibly increase ticket sales, but chances are those dudes would do a hit-and run, (jet after one successful season) and we would be stuck looking for a coach again around this time next year.


They say things happen for a reason we don't know what could have been (Barbee) or what could be. Who ever it is we as fans don't really have a choice, lets support reguardless. The Dickey brothers together would bring alot of know. Go Miners !!!

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