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March 07, 2010


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You are so right about the "Caracter" comments, but you need to direct those condemnations to your partner Joe Muench. He was blogging that lameness last month. BTW, why is Joe still employed at EPT?

Miner Niner

Jay, the reason why the fans didn't rush the court is because security wasn't allowing anyone down until the media was done interviewing the players, most importantly they didn't want to have fans on the court when the two teams shook hands at the end. Also, the security guards were trying to prevent UTEP getting fined for fans rushing the court after the buzzard.

It was pretty smart of them to do so, it saves the B.S. of a fine and the fans and players can celebrate with out any worries.

Jay Koester

Thanks for the explanation, Miner Niner. I thought it had to be something like that. Because, otherwise, it was just too weird how the fans all of sudden rushed the court five minutes after the game ended.


All I have to say is that I'm happy for them. I would like to see every game sell out. That way, the money is there for them to pay the coach some more and he won't bail when another, bigger school comes knocking. If UTEP plays defense like they did in the second half and play well offensively, I don't care who we play, my money is on UTEP; in my mind the most underrated basketball team right now in the NCAA.


"Also, the security guards were trying to prevent UTEP getting fined for fans rushing the court after the buzzard"

There was a buzzard on the court? People were rushing after it? Those birds can be dangerous. Was it muzzled at least?


The rules state that UTEP should have been called for at least one technical, but I'm sure I'll be called a whiner for stating what the rules are.

Davis had every right to be upset.

Miner Niner

Sorry, meant to say buzzer. Dont know why i wrote buzzard LOL

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