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October 26, 2009


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Leonard Martinez

This could create a greater problem of people pre-gaming elsewhere and driving drunk to campus right after noon to just eat real quick before the game.

I just Debbie Downered this blog post even more. Sorry. :(


write Bob Stull...


UTEP is behind the times when it comes to tailgaiting.

The university needs to get with the program and SUPPORT their fans, students and alumni by allowing them the opportunity to celebrate the MINER spirit.

Leonard Martinez

If memory serves me right I believe noon is the magic time because of classes held on campus on Saturday mornings. Game time shoulda been moved to 2 p.m. if that's the case.


actually UTEP is not alone in having rules like those listed above. I know alot of nfl stadiums have those types of rules now or are trending towards them. Rick Reilly recently wrote an article on espn.com regarding the subject. I suspect there are other colleges that do this as well. I think some of the reason why they try to get everyone outa there fairly early afterward is to give the cleaning crews more time to clean up the enormous mess left on campus after games so they don't have to go home really late.

as for the delaying of tailgating until noon, I am fine with it because some students have classes & need to find parking. Parking for students last wednesday was all screwed up because of the fenced-off area they put up the previous night for the RV tailgaters in P-4, which is where I park. I got there at 8:20 Wed, but was still late for my 8:30 class because of all the confusion of everyone trying to find new parking spots. I can only imagine how much worse this would've been if we had to deal with tailgaters as well. after all, we are paying for the parking permits


It's a good idea, theres a bunch of druken idiots who key cars and start fights with visiting fans and amongst each other!

I think they should toughen the rules until those idiots learn there lesson.


i do agree with the previous poster. Because of other disrespectful, irresponsible people we are having to have these little rules like school kids.

Elias Juarez

UTEP is a University, not a cantina. Of course, most of the miner "fans" have not even attended UTEP or a university for that matter, and do not understand what it means to have respect for your alma mater.


you get those idiots regardless of tailgate rules. just look at the police report the next morning. i'd be interested to know if installing these rules has helped with fighting and the mess left behind???

Horace U. Rodeinon

If you NEED to tailgate before and after any college football game, then maybe you aren't a real fan. Take a look at your priorities, then take a look at your drinking habits.

Jay Koester

I have a sad feeling that Elias' attitude is that of UTEP's administration. If you have to "attend UTEP" to be a "UTEP fan," I wonder where I can sign up for "San Diego Chargers University."

And, Horace, if you ain't tailgating, then it ain't college football.

just a thought

Tailgating has more to do with camaraderie than anything else. It crosses all cultural boundaries and helps bring people to the stadium -- some of which actually go in and buy stuff/watch game. You get my point.

Green Bay and LSU have serious tailgating and are also recognized as some of the greatest fans. Somewhere there is a connection in that. By the way, I'll bet many in the LSU stadium parking lot don't even have a high school diploma much less a degree from LSU.


The tailgating rules at UTEP really aren't that bad. Plus, they've only been around for a few years because of how crazy things were getting in our "good" years. It was just turning into a big party and leaving the campus trashed afterwards. Anybody ever drive through the campus on a Sunday morning following a game? It was crazy how many cans and bottles there were. I didn't like the rules when they started, but I think they're valid for a normal 7:00 start.

BUT, I hope UTEP isn't planning on enforcing them for these games with 1:00 starts.


Do they just not want people to have any fun? Spend all this money on the football program, then come up with rules designed to undercut fan loyalty?

Setting up the infrastructure to allow Miner fans to have *more* fun is not difficult, imo.

I just would like to hear what the reasons are for rules that seem pretty stringent to me.


Before CSC UTEP tailgates would give that Jayhawk tailgate some comp. They should let us start to tailgate at as early as dawn (for any game), just don't allow drinking till noon to help curve intoxication levels. If everyone did their part and cleaned up after themselves I'm sure UTEP would consider changing that noon rule.


Do you people not realizing that tailgating is not code for "getting stupid drunk"? It's food, it's fun, it's hanging out with your friends and family.


for all the people who dont know what tailgating is and think its disrespectful, you all should pay attention and chill out its good for the miner comunity! its a part of football tradition if you can't take it then dont go!!! it isnt fair to us REAL fotball fans who actually want to experince it!

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