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October 28, 2009


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Should Bowden take the Job after being run out of Florida State conference USA would have an impresive coaching lineup including coaches who have come from BCS confrences or taken their teams to BCS Bowls including

Central Florida: George O'Leary
UTEP:Mike Price
UAB: Bobby Bowden
SMU: June Jones

then add in the hot up and comming coaches:
Houston: Kevin Sumlin
East Carolina: Skip Holtz
Southern Miss:Larry Fedora
Tulsa: Todd Graham

With coaches like Tommy West, and Mark Snyder on the hot seat just imagine the big names out there looking for a coaching position that could wind up in Conference (Second Chance) USA. Steve Krapthorne, Dirk Koetter, Dan Hawkins, Gary Barnet are a few names of proven coaches who will likely be on the market.


Bobby Bowden coaching UAB would be totally shocking. I could see Tommy Bowden. That would mean that UAB would have a former national champion and legendary coach in football to go along with Mike Davis who took Indiana to the Final Four a few years ago in hoops. Not bad, but I doubt it.


Proven coaches and Dirk Koetter in the same sentence? WTF are you smoking?


If so, what a sad and desperate move by Bobby. He's really obsessed with that final #.


Ha, BadgerBowler! If Bowden does indeed end up at UAB, then can JoePa be far behind someday at Marshall? He could drive down there and still keep his house! Ha !

Chris Lopez

On another subject, what the heck is up with Ohio State taking on NMSU this Saturday? That's not even funny.

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