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June 10, 2009


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what a crock of ****.

Keep Dreaming

Chris Johnson just wanted to stay close to home so he wouldn't miss his mom so much or his baby's momma. All this talk about UTSA becoming D-1... Texas State has a way better program and will beat them out for that spot. Wishful thinking leds to broken dreams.


Two football players arrested on what sounds like pretty serious charges and no discussion?

Why isn't this story getting more press? Oh wait, this is UTEP we are talking about. (And you ALL know what I mean.) Wink, wink. Nod, nod. Nudge, nudge.


Oh no! They're taking all our players!

UTSA is a start up program. North Texas is in a great area also and I don't see them affecting UTEP or anyone else for that matter. Give them a decade or so to get established. Until then, they are no threat.

UT John

CLEO I usually agree with your takes or at least understand where you are coming from. UTSA is a start up program, but I give them about 5 years before they beat UTEP consistently on recruits. UTSA also being part of the UT system has support from Mack Brown himself, he spoke at a UTSA function and Larry Coker has visited Mack at his practices !!! When was the last time Mack Brown stepped up for UTEP, not including a post game congratulations.

San Antonio and UTSA are big time. These 3rd tier athletes know UT, Florida, etc. are out of the question. They are looking for proximity to their hometown, San Antonio is 4 hours from everywhere but El Paso. They are looking to play! UTSA offers this. They are looking for nice facilities, UTSA has them and they will play in the Alamodome ( 65k indoor stadium )......



No doubt there is potential at UTSA. But right now it is just potential.

UTSA could potentially have a great on campus basketball arena, but for now, they have the 5100 seat convocation center.

They could potentially build a great strength training facility. The one they have now has 9 power racks compared to UTEP's 22. It is about the size of Montwood high's.

They do have a baseball stadium and UTEP doesn't have baseball. It does only seat 800, which is about the same as UTEP's softball field.

The Alamodome is great though. Only problem is it's not on campus which would be more attractive to recruits. Only potentially though.


Coker's a destroyer, not a builder. That's why he couldn't find a job after he destroyed the #1 college football program in the country - UMiami. He was handed that elite program from Butch Davis and from the moment he took charge he got outrecruited by every Florida school and the program slipped more and more each year. Look at the last NFL draft, one UMiami kid, one, was drafted and in the 6th round. Guess who was in charge of the recruiting class when that kid signed with UMiami.....Coker! UTEP's program will be just fine, no need to sweat Larry Coker.


I agree no need to sweat Larry Coker, but one should worry about San Antonio and UTSA, I am almost certain Larry will not be around in 5 years, most likely because of age !!!!

But with Big boosters signing up from San Antonio, the city and UTSA will position themselves nicely for the future.

Valero HQ in San Antonio just signed up to build a state of the art practice facility on the UTSA campus!!! One thing El Paso does not have going for the is corporate support that can make all the difference..

UTSA will not compete for big time recruits, they will try for kids that UTEP is getting or wants to get.


I have to wonder if the level of "paranoia", regarding UTSA, at Houston or Rice or SMU or Baylor or TCU or NMSU or New Mexico or even Texas Southern is even close to what I've seen on this forum. I think not! What I do think is that the only guy that I agree with, and that has it right, is the first poster (Joe) who says "what a crock of ****". Go Miners !

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