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March 04, 2011


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As usual, well done Duke. This is total BS! As you stated, the rich get richer and the UTEP's will continue to remain UTEP and appear to continue to fall further behind.

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The essential question about recruiting services is evaluating whether or not the benefits of these services justify the cost. College coaches want prospect information from sources they trust. If student athletes are paying a third party to market them to college coaches, the recommendations and evaluations that these services create are clearly biased.

Duke Keith

SS, great observation. It would certainly open up a whole new can of worms.

The only thing that makes me doubt this would happen is that coaches wouldn't let a recruiting service that sandbags them for a payout stick around for long.

Coaches are pretty close, in part because they have very little job security for the most part. A lot less than other businesses, anyway. They can't afford to be wrong.

They'd find out if an athlete was paying for a better review, in part because if a recruit isn't very good, they'd know.

Bad word-of-mouth in a highly-specific, relatively small industry would kill that service dead, and quickly.

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