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February 08, 2011


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Miner Mike

Touché! Well said Duke!


well put - screw 'em!


Good job Duke. Well said. Tired of people always trying to s@#$ on El Paso.

Daniel Rey

Well put Duke. Just A thought thou, anybody know of any other events receiving those incentives? Sun-bowl or maybe the CUSA Tourney?


LOL! Thats what this prick gets! I actually didnt mind forking up the $10 to do something like this in El Paso when I lived there... Gave us something to do in early Feb besides bball...


This Hansmire idiot burned his bridge here in El Paso. No way will we accept his apologize or accept his game and him back to El Paso. No way is the City Council falling for his scam.

Only 2,500 spectators went to the Alamodome to check out the scam of a game with their new name NFLPA which is not even endored by the REAL National Football Leauge. It's the NFLplayersassociation which is really nothing but a bunch of money hungry entities.

Texas vs the Nation failed just as the Hula Bowl did. They are now defunct. Hansmire has sunk himself.



It's hilarious how they have on the center of the field the logo reading NFL PLAYERS Game. This scam has nothing to do with the REAL National Football League. The REAL National Football League should sue the NFLPA and Hansmire for false misrepresentation. False advertisment. The NFL WILL BE HERE is a load of crap. El Paso was beginning to take notice and San Antonio knew it that is why noone in San Antonio went to this scam of a game.

Hansmire time to go back to the drawing board. Changing the name did not do it. STRIKE 2. One more strike and then you are completely done for.


man el paso can show the nfl that it could be an nfl city cause we love our football. i live in vegas now and only a few high schools can fill the stands like they do in el paso even if that school had a losing record.


d ray, el paso is gona use the money they were giving to the game to have the neoen desert music festival downtown this spring. What people dont understan is this, UTEP basketball, Football, the diablos all have a high attendence compared to the enitire nation. people tend to look at the major teams and compare El Paso to that. But we need to look at national attendence and see that we do show up for games. Well said Duke...


Great article Duke, I live in San Antonio now and work for a local TV station and they were giving away tickets by the dozens and people here still refused to go. This douche got what he deserved...i'd love to hear what he has to say now and whether he has any balls to call out people in SA. Of course we probably will never hear him mutter a word about it because cowards usually hide when the s#*$ hits the fan.


This guy Hansmire has such a huge ego that even though he screwed 2 cities in El Paso and San Antonio with his scam he will keep doing it again again so long as the city councils keep giving him the money and believe his lies that his scam of a game will have a great impact on the city. He tells the City councils that his scam of a game will bring in millions upon millions to the city.

Hansmire? No, Hanslire.

Hanslire has a vision, motivation, desire, passion to succeed though they are filled with lies to the people to try to get their. He is a crook in my eyes.

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