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September 12, 2010


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This is what UTEP football is all about. It's tradition! They always play mediocre during the first half then, after halftime, they come out to help the other team humiliate them (and miner fans).
This program is a joke. I wish UTEP would stop wasting everyone's time and well earned dollars and cancel the football program then give us students a break on tuition. Not that money is a rare commodity at UTEP. Have you seen all the buildings going up one right after the other? I was recently educated, by the UTEP, bookstore. It was a lesson on financial sodomy and I leaned it well. Perhaps price gouging is the reason UTEP can be so frivolous with their money and throw it away on a football program that has been dead for years.


Not much hope in basketball either. The great recruits that Floyd had gotten failed to qualify academically. Thus no height and pretty much no one to help Randy have a good season. Oh well another year long losing season for UTEP... what else is new.

Guy Fawkes

It's funny that you people think that money from tuition goes to athletics. While it may be that way at other schools, such is not the case at UTEP. They left that vote up to the students and they said, "no". Athletics at UTEP are left to their own devices when it comes to making and raising money and all of that falls on the football and basketball programs. Students get into every sporting event for free and they still complain because they have no idea what they're talking about.

As for the Houston game, the defense was absolutely atrocious! Houston did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. UTEP is in for a long season.


Guy's right. UTEP the school has very little to do money-wise with UTEP the athletic department. And, with a son at college now, I can safely say books and tuition are expensive everywhere.


you all are a bunch of negative losers. first of all were 1-1 we still got 10+ games to go. and second of all basketball season hasn't even started n some are saying its a losing season. why do i have to be a die hard miner fan? best luck to football still have hope see you at the sun bowl saturday night!!!!

hard to be optimistic

hopefully the new athletic counsel will help stop the bleeding. nothing has worked so far. clearly, what needs to happpen is that utep has to take a chance and invest, invest, invest in a proven coach with more elbow grease than price. price is tired and it shows. proper investments reap succesful returns in any walk of life. by now utep should be convinced of this. take a chance now and make the million dollar investment and all will see that the returns will come ten-fold or more. when you dont take some risks you will never know. smu is an example. june jones yurns programs around. thats what he does. there are others like him. stull knows who they are. utep just needs to make the investment.


You know still I'm optimistic. Houston is one of the better teams in the country. We lost at their home and Buckram was out. What I'm looking forward to is the fact that UTEP plays a horrible NMSU and Memphis team at home and an even worse UNM at University Stadium in Albuquerque (I'm flying from Indy for that one and I hope more miner fans take the short drive...) we *should* be 4-1 by the start of October. Just a few wins shy of a bowl game. The end of the season is gonna be what hurts us. SMU, Tulsa and Arkansas will probably shatter the hopes of ending the season strong. But we'll only need two wins before the nightmare at the end of the season to become bowl eligible... Cross your fingers.


Brad what do you mean the basketball team has no height?? Yeah we lost some recruits but we still have the following:

Claude Britton-6'10
Wayne Portalatin- 6'10
John Bohannon- 6'10

we still have Michael Haynes who chose us over Duke and Texas. he is 6'6 but is supposed to be a very good rebounder.

our point guard Julian Stone is 6'6.



Claude can't provide a full game due to health problems, Wayne has not developed into the type of player that can really pick up the slack and John... well, hopefully John is ready to go from day one. The problem is depth at PF/C, and unless Bohannon is ready from day one to play like a college athlete, Floyd will have a hard time providing UTEP with a successful season.

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