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June 05, 2010


Gee Man

Once again, Duke, thanks for your ever-positive spin on this topic. It is a HUGE deal, specifically with how it could affect UTEP. We are still feeling the soreness of taking it in the backside from the Mountain West, ans we know how conference realignment can be either a God-send, or a sentence into the Underworld of college sports. Unfortunately, UTEP, and the rest of C-USA for that matter, is in a "wait-and-see" mode. At least your previous blogs show some potential for a great opportunity for UTEP, although now that the PAC-10 is possibly looking at the Texas and OK schools, there may not be as many Texas leftovers as previously mentioned. Once again, though, the bottom line is: Let's all keep our fingers crossed that UTEP ends up in a decent conference situation. If the BCS conferences go to four 16-team superconferences, they may get their OWN governing body, where the NCAA doesn't regulate their affairs, and then we will REALLY be on the outside looking in. Maybe if we have a great year this year in FB and BB, we can sneak into one of these superconferences. One can dream, right? Thanks again, Duke.

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