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May 18, 2010


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good stuff Duke, any chance you get Dan Wolken to call into the morning show? haha

El Paso-El Paso

"...the Mountain West comes to Mohammed"?

Can anyone explain?


Why would UTEP lower itself by wanting to join the MWC? I like C-USA and the games against the other Texas schools. We have a nice rivalry with Houston in just about every sport. okay not every sport. but the rivalry is there. Football, MBB, Track


It's a great line, EP-EP. I just happened to hear the phrase for the first time yesterday.

Here's the explanation:


I really hope you're right, Duke. I have read the post of several newspapers around the country about this, and not many predict UTEP being part of any major conference, just the Sun Belt or a stripped down version of C-USA or the Mountain West. I realllllly like your version, having UTEP and the TX schools in a conference with "Texas Tech, Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State and maybe even Oklahoma State". That would be a pretty decent conference, with some more-than-decent basketball tradition. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I don't want to be in the Sun Belt..... (no offense)

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