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March 11, 2010


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I like C-USA, even though I miss some of the old-WAC rivalries. C-USA is a better conference overall. Like you said, the TV deals make it especially better. I hope we never go back to the WAC, or worse, join the Mountain West. MWC schools kicked us to the curb a few years ago. Unless we get an invite to the PAC-10 or Big 12 (wishful thinking), let's stay in C-USA!


You must be kiddin about C-Usa right? It is a downright awful conference with no natural geographical rivalries. It has always been projected as a one-bid conference these last few years (Not counting auto bids). In football, it is a downright joke... 1-6 in bowl games this year! Sorry BUT Conference USA is just a semblance of teams that no other major conference wanted (AND for good reason)... Love the Miners, Hate the COnference


That's not correct about the Bowls. They were 3 and 3, not 1 and 6. C-USA is a better conference. The WAC was a joke. Also, C-USA is on the rise, but it will take time. However, it seems to be getting closer and closer every year. Also, as for what we saw yesterday with 3 of the top teams losing, seems to be a trend around the country this year. Syracuse, UNC, etc. So, the big question is why is it no one seems to want to be number one this year. C-USA is just another example of what's happening around the country (with the exception of UTEP, so far!!!). Just look at the big powers of the other conferences and you will see a lot of what we saw yesterday in C-USA. Very confusing.

Charlie Molinar

It's a shame that El Pasoans and UTEP sports fans can't enjoy the successes on the field or on the court without hearing about the more lucrative jobs awaiting our head coaches at bigger programs. Is this city not entitled to feel good about itself? Our football program has risen to a higher level with the leadership of an excellent coach and our basketball program is making noise at the national level thanks to a very talented young coach. If we don't pay our coaches what their market value is then El Paso will continue to suffer from a second class mentality. This is a hard issue to address, but paying our university coaches for performance will add to the quality of life here and add to the progressive thinking that has always lacked in El Paso. Businesses are reaping the rewards of our successes on the field and people are excited about the possibilities at the NCAA basketball tournament. Let's keep the momentum going! Let's work to keep our successful coaches happy here. The Sun Bowl receives funds from the car rental industry. Why can't there be a legal way to add funds to the university sports department with funds from local businesses that are directly impacted from our sports successes? I realize that El Paso has many challenges, but we have to start somewhere. This basketball team is special and it is energizing this town. It's time to get some creative minds together and start moving this town in the direction it needs to go. Let's stop embracing the status quo!


Ghetto?! Way to skew racist. Moron.

Duke Keith

I just KNEW somebody would try that one. Is a real ghetto specific to any race? You're a little quick on the draw, Rene.

just a thought

Rene, I thought Duke explained his usage of the term quite well. As a black ex-Miner athlete that has spent a little time in the real ghetto I took no offense. I've played against Tulsa in Tulsa and they really can't help but be second-rate.

Duke was just poking a little fun -- take it easy.


its a beautiful morning..lets go miners keep on rolling.the only people that are going to look like fools is tulsa the city of tulsa..if we keep winning like we are other conferences will be calling us..but most importantly we need the football team to step up cause thats the money maker..if we keep having 4-8 seasons we aren't going anywhere... LETS GO MINERS!!!


I have to agree with Fireman. Let's go Miners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The history of the term "ghetto" is much older than the way it was used in the late 20th century. If you are a follower of world history, you will know that one of the lower income areas in Warsaw, Poland was the ghetto, though it was populated by Jews. In fact, one of the biggest uprisings of WWII against the Germans was the Ghetto Uprising in Warsaw. The origin of the term is race neutral, though it's usage today is as Duke explained it...and because the historical usage of the word means poor, or chintzy, it remains race neutral.


Hey "black ex-Miner athlete", how about showing some class. Anyone from El Paso trying to call another city "second-rate" is HILARIOUS. Attendance isn't the only factor that goes in to getting a tournament. The BOK Center and the FedEx Forum are the two nicest arenas that C-USA has to offer. The BOK Center is using this as a dry run for the NCAA Tournament Regional they are hosting next year. By the way, the BOK Center had the 9th most ticket sales in the world last year.

just a thought

Hey Jim, the BOK may be an okay facility but when I played football there I didn't think much of the stadium or the city. At least the Sun Bowl is something to see. A few El Paso high schools have better stadiums than Skelly.

Just know when the C-USA basketball tourney comes to El Paso the city will have a better showing. If attendance today and tomorrow is anything like yesterday Tulsa's dry run for the NCAA Regional will be just that -- dry. And attendance isn't the only factor in to getting a tournament but it's definitely the most important. Good luck buddy.


UTEP was in Memphis place last year. And everybody was saying they should lose to let another team in the NCAA. Yeah right, Miners take this all the way...

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The WAC was a joke. Also, C-USA is on the rise, but it will take time. However, it seems to be getting closer and closer every year. Also, as for what we saw yesterday with 3 of the top teams losing, seems to be a trend around the country this year.
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