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Don't forget to get some good bar-b-q at Smitty's on Airport Road!!!

despite our sister city are going thru. the outtowners must come and enjoy our culture, sites, and most of all the el pasoans who we are grateful to live and be part of a great american city

Will It Snow or Rain? I hope we have a nice Christmas Day, even though i would be nice to see a white Christmas

hey did they ever say who won those contests for guessing the sun bowl players and the sun bowl shuffle

Check this out --- Bank of the West is giving away two Sun Bowl Captain's Club tickets this week. You have to go into one of their branches (there's 8) and sign-up.

Oops! That was last week's prize. They still have a great package for this week though. 40" flat panel and bluray.


Concerned: I'm not sure about the Sun Bowl players contest. I think they are going to announce that later at www.sunbowl.org.

But the tickets we are giving away here are the original Sun Bowl Shuffle contest tickets. No one entered a video for that contest, so their loss is your gain!

love the sun bowl, I would love to attend, I leave in Alamogordo nm

thank uuuuuu

It will be great to watch Oklahoma Sooners, i have bought tickets from
http://ticketfront.com/event/Oklahoma_Sooners-tickets looking forward to it.

Wow. I'm already set up myself. I was able to get Sun Bowl tickets from http://amazonticketsonline.com/Sun-Bowl for this year. This is awesome!

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