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I think Cattleman's Steak House and the Great American Land & Cattle are great places to eat. Cattleman's offers more than just food so you can make a night of it. As for Mexican food, there are some good places, but Flores Meat Market on Zaragosa and Rancher's Market should be starting points. If you are into softball, go check out the Sport's Plex or any other park for some exciting slowpitch games.

Eat, drink and be merry at HOME without stressing your wallet. Donate the $ you would have spent eating out to the Salvation Army or Animal Shelters or such... specially during the holidays. How Merry is that?

Cattleman's serves food a person can cook at home. There is nothing special about a steak and mashed potatoes. Sure, one might contest that it really tastes better at Cattleman's and that is mainly due to them not worrying about how much fat goes into their dishes. Coffee is not a gratuity in this place, one cup will cost you over a dollar and tastes like recycled (used more than once) coffee beans. Go to their website and you wont see any prices...they do that for a reason folks.

What about the art and the history museum downtown...and for the kids, the Insights museum? Families can eat at on Mesa (Mesa St Bar&Grill, Taco Grill and Rib Hut to name a few restaurants) then head toward downtown to see the museums, San Jacinto Plaza, and the Plaza Theater.

La Posta Restaurant in Old Mesilla is a hidden gem. The building was a stagecoach stop. The town square looks like it did in 1881, with the same buildings. Billy the Kid was held in a jail across the street. Take the farm road to Las Cruces.

More about Highway 28:


Check out some of the wineries.

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