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I kinda agree with you, its not for everyone and newbies should be accompanied by an experienced Chico's eater, its too easy to screw up the experience for the uninformed first timer.
It might make for an interesting tourist story, but maybe not the most favorable "taste of El Paso" we want tourists to leave with..better off sending them to one of the more traditional mexican food restaurants so they go home raving about the food not grossed out...lol sorry but you know its true.

I grew up on Chico's, but those dessicated rolled tacos are most definitely NOT for the unadventurous palate. It's a moot point anyway - I've been here a week and have been stalking two locations to get my Chico's fix and they were both too busy to bother with anyway. Maybe next time....

Chicos is a state of mind. you need to be from this area to truly enjoy and hispanic. yes, there are anglos and african americans who enjoy as well, but lets face it, unless you truly enjoy tripe, menudo, you might not be cut out for Chicos. dont force anyone on chicos, its a local tradition, like those places in california that serve waffles with fried chicken,,,,wheres the pepto?

Chico's discriminates against gay people. Please don't give your money to support hatred.

I am from El Paso. Born and raised. I no longer live in El Paso. I live in Deleware. The first place I visit when going back to El Paso is Chicos Tacos. When I take a friend back to El Paso, the first place to eat is Chicos Tacos. No where in America can you find or eat Tacos like that. Nowhere! you either hate them or love them. I love their tacos.

I have lived in El Paso for nearly ten years and I still can't stand the taste of Chico's. To me, it's disgusting and shouldn't be the face of El Paso cuisine. DO NOT take out of towners to Chico's and I agree that Chico's is pretty much for locals only.

Chicos Tacos. What a dump!. If they filthy place doesn't get to you, the food will. Goes to show how little us Mexicans will settle for. It seems every new Chicos that opens is worse than the last. Have you tried the one on George Dieter? Yuck! When are you owners gonna put these culinary curiosities in decent containers? The plates get all soggy and don't try to spear a taco with those CHEAP plastic forks, they break don't they? And please when are you going to quit being so cheap and install debit machines at your registers? Don't you trust us? You demand CASH ONLY! You're as bad as those other geeks at Rosco's, another EP staple. What a farce! Tourists stay away and El Pasoans you deserve what you get because you settle for so little.

Honestly. Chicos sucks when your sober. It's better to eat it when your tipsy, lol. As far as recommending some good Mexican restaurants El Rincon de Cortez on Sunbowl Drive is a good place to eat and Lucy's right by Kings X. Ciro's, Carnitas Queretaro, Good Luck Cafe, Lucky Cafe, Good Coffee, and anything at Mercado Mayapan. Stay away from Leo's, Kiki's, Carlos & Mickey's, La Hacienda and La Terraza. Oh and one BIG recommendation BARRIGAS! mmmm. Or for Mexican style seafood Villa Del Mar or Restaurante Puerto Vallarta. MMMM

Totally agree on the going to chicos while "tipsy" comment.... they are 1000 times tastier.

I think it’s more important to warn tourist coming to El Paso to be wary of the EPPD, since you will most often see them staking out corners, or pulling over a motorist since they lack activities to keep them occupied with real police work.

Welcome to El Paso tourists, and hope your stay is a positive one. El Paso is know for great mexican food and chicos is a local low budget flare for quick eats. Allow me to name good mexican food: Carlos and Mickeys, KIKIS, El Rincon de Cortez, Barrigas, Senor Fish, Andale,
Ciro's, Villa del Mar, L&J, Great Burritos at Quactemo, La Poblanita, furthermore El Paso offers great places to enjoy great BBQ,drinks, sushi, Burgers. Please leave knowing that El Paso has great authentic Mexican food, hospitality, variety, culture, and also let it be known that El Paso has its cheap quick chico taco eats for locals.

I haved lived in El Paso for 18 years and still can not stand the taste or site of Chicos Tacos but I do respect that the people love 'em here. Every town has it's 'Local's Only" place and this is defenitly one of those. Yes I am hispanic and do know what good food tastes like, and Chicos is not good taste. If you want good Tacos go to L&J's, Taco Tote, Carnitas Queretaro, Lucys, Avalias or the Little Diner.

Born and raised in El Paso but now live in Phoenix, AZ area. Loved LOVED Chico's after Austin Panther football/basketball games back in the day! When I went back for reunions, the one sure stop was Chico's! Of course I also highly recommend Leo's for the sopapillas and Casa Jurado on Cincinnati/Mesa Drive for green chile chicken enchiladas!

Great now I'm hungry and NO GOOD MEXICAN FOOD HERE!

I'm from Southern New Mexico, but now live in Arizona. We use to visit El Paso all the time and Chicos Tacos was one of our favorite places to visit. No, not authentic Mexican food, but you can't find anything like them anywhere else. Wish we had one here in Phoenix!

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