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Great article! I think the game will have a great attendance either way. Thanks for writing in!

Great letter Jay. You said what many of us feel. To OU and Standford fans we look forward to a great game and having you here.

What a GREAT article, gracias and bienvenidos (thanks & welcome to all!

sometimes all it takes is a little bit of facts. I am not a native of El Paso, but I will personally always defend it like I was. El Paso is unique and you really need to come with a open mind, just like any town you visit. Yes, we dont have a beach, or a big theme park, but you gotta love the culture, our beautiful mountains, delicious Mexican food, and wonderful people!

The way I see it, let the small minded people stay home. This isn't a stab at OU fans, but it seems like every year we go thru this with at least one of the schools. Sometimes it's even schools that are just rumored to come to the Sun Bowl (USC). We aren't begging them to come as someone posted on their site, we are very proud of our city. But if you aren't willing to leave the friendly confines of your neighborhood and venture out, well that's fine.

Just keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

Hey, you know what, your team accepted the invite so they knew they weren't good enough to be playing anywhere else. It's not like reps from Glendale, New Orleans, Miami or Pasadena were lighting up your phone lines.

Tempe PD just arrested 130 in a drug raid. Hope OU doesnt get invited to one of their bowls next year or the fans might not go for fear of their safety.

Great letter Jay. It's the same story every year though. Ignorant people from other places that don't know any better like to rag on our fine little city. The smart, educated people are like, "hey let's go try that." Then they come down here and hang out with us for a few days, eat our food, listen to our spanglish, dance to our music and BAM, instant fans of El Chuco. They go home and tell everyone how nice we are and how much fun they had and El Paso was a very pleasant suprise!! Like the Cowboys not showing up in December, death and taxes, you know its coming!! Can't wait for this game!!

you only posted the nice comments how about the ungly ones like that we are the armpit of texas!

typical.....move to the arm of Texas if you don't like living in the armpit. BTW Rroll Tide!!

wtg Jay. Well done.

If Oklahoma is having such a hard time swallowing that they had to come to the Sun Bowl, maybe they should have played better! As a past member of the Sun Bowl Committee, I've seen how El Pasoans bend over backwards to make this thing happen. Maybe Oklahoma need a lesson on "Bowl Manners"! ouldn't be surprised that the sell out is a "Boo Out"! Go Stanford!!

Great letter lol...

What's wrong with the Sun Bowl?! I've gotten Sun Bowl tickets from http://amazonticketsonline.com/Sun-Bowl for this year. I'm very excited!
Besides, I checked the bowl projections and they're projected to go to the BCS championship instead. Sheesh!

I think that it is great that you can have a great communication with them. It is quite hard to fan to get that type of communication.

When I lived in New Zealand, I always eeojynd the summer because it was warm, the days were longer, and I got to spend fun time outside. Now I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia and I look forward to ALL BUT summer. Summer in Brisbane ca get crazy hot if your not used to it.

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