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David Zak

I want introduce you to a new website focusing on players, coaches, schools, and sports related organizations that will help athletes find the best coaches as they make a choice on a particular sports team.

As a bit of a history, this site was started as part of a college project in 2008. Our site is about coach evaluations. We aren't your typical "ratings site" -- we try to rise above them. We're building our site as a tool to help players find a coach who best fits them, a tool to help coaches constantly improve, and a tool for schools and clubs to manage coaches and help them improve.


Staci Burruel

It's a great that your new blog will help kids and the youth to participate in sports activities! Kids should start being active at an early age by playing the sport they want. Baseball and basketball are exciting sports. I hope effective interaction will take place here in your new blog. Cheers!


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