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September 20, 2012


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Karma caught up with them.

Justice Seeker

When you screw with peoples payments and do some shady things, it comes to bite you. Hopefully they will never be able to scam people again!

Disappointed Fan

Thanks to people unproffesionally making a contract dispute public. The only people who are loosing out are the FANS and the STARS! What a shame! I hope your proud of your unproffessional slander and the cause and effect of your actions. You people need to understand that in El Paso, we dont get events like this very often and its such a disappointment that people like that have to ruin it for the fans.


David Prowse never canceled, they advertised that he was going to show up but never checked with him.


this has nothing to do with EPCON idiot!

Dissapointed in ep

In either case I've also had the misfortune of the lawlers miss advertising event &/or throwing events & skipping out on their bills karma is a dish best served cold & it was bound to catch up to them those kind of business tactics are why these ventures have a hard time making it in el paso


If they're willing to screw the stars, they're more than willing to screw the fans.
As for "contract disputes" you do a job, you expect to get paid what you're owed. The Stars helped sell tickets then were not paid. The only ones the Frank N CON promoters screwed was themselves.
p.s. its only SLANDER if its not true.


P.S. from DAVID PROWSE's own website:

"Please note Dave is not appearing at EPCON in El Paso. Dave had not heard anything from the organizer and we removed the event from this appearance page ages ago. The show organizer has been aware that Dave is not a guest at the show for a while. We sent several requests to the organizer to inform ticket buyers that Dave is not attending the show so that fans do not show up to see Dave and be di sappointed. They did not do that. We requested again today that they post something to ticket buyers and they posted that Dave is a last minute cancellation, which is not true. We posted an explanation to fans on the EPCON facebook page, but our post was deleted and we are now blocked from posting the explanation again. If you are a ticket holder for this show, please accept Dave's apologies for any inconvenience caused, but this is the fault of the organizer and not Mr. Prowse."


Great event. sucker fans in to buy tickets with guests you never signed in the first place.


Wow that sucks for the fans is all i can say well hit up super otaku fair novemeber 3rd check our event page on facebook


I cant understand how most of these replies are confusing epcon with frank n con


Look my sister is Berlin, and Salvador is my brother inlaw, if anyone has a real question about what truly happened inbox me. I was there for the Frank N Con last year and was going to be there this year again! The people who are bad mouthing them have no idea what's really going on and seen even from El Paso nor did they go last year, it's all word of mouth of some stupid idiots! For instance the post by "Don" he's not from El Paso and doesn't live here, he's from Pennsylvania and has never been to Frank N Con! The only thing he's said correctly is that " it's only SLANDER if its not true"! Well that's correct, however what he's saying is not true! El Paso has problems like conventions or anything fun and cool coming to town as it is, my sister and Sal have been trying to change that not only for the fans, but for the city itself! And just to clarify something Frank N Con has absolutely nothing to do with "EPCON" in any way shape or form!

Bill Chancellor

Doug there is absolutely n mention of the event being cancelled on the FB PAGE except where I copied your blog address and posted a question pertaining to it....

Brian Peck

As one of the still unpaid actor guests from last year's "Frank N Con" I feel the need to finally weigh in. I have stayed out of the public Facebook feud feeling it is more professional to deal with it privately, but I feel compelled to add my voice at this point and state a few facts. I was one of the stars of "Return of the Living Dead" who was invited to be a guest at last years event. While it is in fact awesome to meet all our loyal and amazing fans, it is still a job, with a contract and pay involved. I wish I were a big star with a huge bank account, but like many of my co-stars and other actors from popular films from decades past we struggle to pay our mortgages and monthly bills and fill out unemployment forms just like everyone else. I made $11,000.00 before taxes co-starring in "Return of the Living Dead", if you can tell me how to make that stretch 28 years I'm all ears. These 3 or 4 conventions a year are a pleasant way to make some extra money and interact with our fans, but I wouldn't do it for free, couldn't do it for free, I can't afford to. Sal and Berlin's dispute is with the agent who represents us and books us many months in advance for these shows. We are told the terms of the contract and either agree to the terms or not. Some times further negotiation is required and sometimes we choose not to go. I have a copy of my contract for last year's "Frank N Con" that guaranteed me a certain amount of money for my appearance. It is undeniably signed by Sal and Berlin, what they are disputing is beyond my grasp. How it's supposed to work is whatever amount I make from selling autographs would be deducted from the guarantee amount with the hopes I would make more than the guarantee amount and the promoters who made the deal, Sal and Berlin, would not have any difference to make up for and everyone would profit and be happy. Unfortunately the turnout was not very large, the fans who did show up were enthusiastic and a blast to meet, but there just were not enough of them. This sadly left Sal and Berlin with a tremendous amount of money they owed to make up the difference for several actors who had contracts for a guaranteed salary, myself included, and who fell far short of making the guarantee amount. It was very distressing at the time when Sal and Berlin acknowledged they simply didn't have the money to pay us. It goes without saying that this was a pretty bad business decision on their part to put on this show regardless of not having the funds necessary if it didn't all go perfectly. However as frustrated as I was by this at the time and as much as I genuinely needed the funds for bills of my own, I actually felt sorry for Sal and Berlin who I felt had simply gotten in over their heads out of the sheer excitement of putting on this first time con for the fans in El Paso. Frankly I almost immediately gave up on ever thinking I would be receiving my money and chalked it up to Sal and Berlin's frustrating, but understandable naivete about exactly what it takes to put on a convention of this sort. My anger only came a few weeks ago when first hearing that they were putting on another show this year without yet having paid their debt to me and others. I could reconcile their first time mistake and move on, but to put up a new show without paying their debts from the first show? That displays a cavalier lack of character in my book and that was when I became disturbed. I understand the disappointment of the local fans, I understand the defense of Sal and Berlin by loyal friends and family, I would hope for the same from mine, but the fact is they owe people money, I have a signed contract, others have signed hand written I.O.U.'s. They owe people money, by their own admission, to put on another show before clearing their debt is without integrity. I am also baffled by all the use of the word "Slander", as another poster pointed out slander must be something said that is not true. Sal and Berlin owe people money, period. That is a fact and it is NOT slander to state that fact. Ironically what IS slander is saying that my stating a FACT is slander. So while I am very sorry for the fans who are disappointed by the cancellation of this years show, I hope you understand that it is a business and unfortunately the people in charge of this particular business have not done an honorable or professional job of running it. If you were a painter hired to paint a house for a contractually agreed upon amount with the owner who after you completed the job as agreed to was told "I don't have the money to pay you", would you be okay with that? And if a year later, still not having been paid, you drove by this same house and another painter was laying out tarps, cans of paint and setting up a ladder, would that not piss you off? I think you might pull over and warn the painter that after he performed the agreed upon job the owner wouldn't pay him. And if this annoyed the owner and he said you were slandering him by stating that fact, you might not know whether to laugh or get kind of pissed off. I harbor no Ill feelings towards Sal and Berlin, I know their original intentions were good, but they need to be adults and acknowledge their mistakes and take responsibility for the problems that arose from this all around unfortunate situation. Bad mouthing the people who are simply asking for what they were promised is really not the proper or professional way to handle the situation. As for any others actors actions, I speak only for my own.

Brian Peck

Beverly Randolph

As another UNPAID guest from Frank N Con last year, I'd like to agree with and validate everything my colleague above has said.

It's too bad for the people of El Paso. The few fans that we did meet were wonderful!

I wish I could say the same thing for Sal, Berlin, their family and friends. They have been downright disgusting and abusive in their behavior. I have never heard so many foul comments. They are not representing their hometown well.


I have to say, as a person from Small-Town Kentucky, I sympathize with people who talk about not having conventions close by. I myself have to drive 2-3 hours for the nearest convention.
But, this is obviously not a convention, but a CON. Any "convention" that signs contracts, does not comply with said contract and then accuses anyone that speaks anything bad about that "convention" is clearly not run by honest people that care about their fans.
The people that have been defending this convention have apparently drank too much of the kool-aid so to speak. You need to look at the facts and not listen to whatever bull the promoter is feeding you. Do your own research, draw your own conclusions. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid.


Mr. Peck, and the ROTLD Cast,

There are other issues at hand in regards to the contract made between Frank N' Con and KissProof Entertainment. Much like yourself we feel that this issue should be handled privately, in doing so we have been in talks with the lawyers from KissProof Entertainment.
We couldn't agree with you more when you say we were in over our heads on our first year convention. Unfortunately we were unable to meet some of the differences is guarantees owed to some of the guests. However, I assure you that everyone else that we owed money to has been paid in full. We are sorry for the burden this has caused you all, however this is a contract dispute that was made between us and your manager. We never meant for any of this to happen but I must say that we have conducted ourselves professionally and have met our business agreements thus far to the fullest. If you have further questions and would like to speak with us personally, our phone numbers haven't changed.

Jason w.

Professional! Really! After you let family members post negative responses on facebook! Oh and now you admit to being in over your head!
So you pay everyone else, except the ROTLD cast, oh and several others with IOU's and thats o.k. uh? Just throw another show!

Brian Peck

Thanks for responding Berlin and acknowledging some important facts about the issues you had last year in paying your guests. I'm also glad to hear that your phone number hasn't changed, but as I have never had your phone number and have no idea how to go about getting it, that particular fact won't do me much good. Please feel free to get my phone number through Kissproof's attorney and call me. I would be pleased to have a civil and professional conversation about this matter. I would be eager to hear about the other "issues" that cause you to believe that a contract that clearly states I am to receive an agreed upon amount that is clearly signed by you is somehow not valid. How lucky for all those other actors who have been paid in full. I look forward to hearing why you feel their contracts should be honored and mine should not during our private conversation.

Brian Peck

Concerened Horror Fan

Beverly Randolph: I heard you cancelled the guests because not enough people are coming like last year and you can't afford them or thier flights, guarantees ect.
We still haven't been paid by you guys! Karma.

Frank N' Con: Really Beverly?

Beverly Randolph: REALLY! Be HONEST!

Frank N' Con: Like we told Kiss Proofs lawyers let's take it to Court. We want our side of the Story to be public record. have you guys asked yourselves why everyone else has been paid? No More Witty remark?

Beverly Randolph: Looking forward to court! A YEAR later...lol. Another lie.

Berlin Arellano: Perhaps your KissProof Entertainment hasn't informed you but we just finished wrapping up mediations with their lawyer 2 weeks ago. Everybody knows that litigations takes time. But thank you captain obvious...

Beverly Randolph: LOL Berlin, is it settled or isn't it. You two try to decide what the truth is and get back to us...or our lawyers..lol! Again amusing : )

Berlin Arellano: LMFAO...what do you think mediations are???? It is settled that we will be taking it to court.... keep babbling... I find that AMUSING!!!!

Beveryly Randolph: Prove it Berlin. Simple, prove it. Show us mediation papers. : )

From all of the information that I have gathered about this situation, this is my conclusion:
I can HARDLY imagine someone CLAIMING that they, "conducted ourselves professionally and have met our business agreements thus far to the fullest..." can honestly say that when these types of comments are divulged and people still haven't been paid...1+ year(s) after the fact. Calling people "captain obvious," and to "keep babbling", in such a condescending manner is, by far, the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of professionalism! These are FACTS since this conversation was taken directly from public Facebook postings, and were not altered in any way, shape, or form. The only "Slander" that exists is coming directly from Frank N' Con and Berlin Arrellano. They ATTEMPT to make themselves out to be the victims of this situation. They haven't done anything wrong. Poor them. Poor planning and coordination, greed, and lack of thouroughly reading a contract are the real reasons why Frank N' Con 2011 failed (and apparently, continue to fail since that film fest was also cancelled due to poor ticket sales) to bring in the masses; hence attributed to special guests not making their gurantee. It's greedy people like this that give El Pasoans a bad name. Incidents like this is what keep celebrities from coming back. It sickens me to think that you have the audacity to tell these people that you don't have the money to pay them, yet turn around and start advertising another convention! Another Fact: You are under contractual oblication to pay these people. Your signature is on the contract. Black and white. That is a legal binding document. Such impudence to challenge that, and try to fight it in court. Grow up. Own up to your mistakes instead of trying to blame everyone else but the people that are truly responsible for the failure of this convention.

Beverly Randolph

To whomever, "Concerned Horror Fan" is,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying it like it is.


Concerened Horror Fan

No More Witty remark BERLIN??? Lol...hilarious. It's so funny how quickly you become invisible when the truth comes out...

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