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September 26, 2012


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George Strait retiring?? Impossible. Someone, several have killed Country Music. Got to go see this one. Either Cruces or Lubbock.


they don't make it affordable to everyone its sad how much they charge for these events.

C Kulick

George Strait is one man I have always wanted to see/meet. He is the "all around gentleman cowboy". He has it all...Looks, talent and nice...everything. Here's to you George.
crk in OH.

Victoria Folsom

Spend some well rested time at home - good choice. I know you are well demanded but family comes first - don't overwhelm yourself just for us - stay healthy.

Karen & Roger in Colorado

Would Love o see George for the first & last time...but...the price is too hifg for these retired people...Good Luck George..

ron bruce

would love to see the great man in concert you will be miss'd greaty george good luck in all u do may god bless u and your family stay healthy.


I have been lucky enough to see George Strait in concrt several times The first time at the Huntsville prison rodeo George you are my hero Good luck in the future

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