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April 10, 2012


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Simon Crumb

My goodness Doug, Do you have Omar and Cedric bedsheets? I know they once were from El Paso but do we really need to know everything you can dig up on these guys? I personally think Omar is wildly overrated as a musician as well as in his other creative ventures. To me it's a shame Cedric has to take a backseat to the guy. Once upon a time, when Cedric was in other bands, namely Los Dregtones, he had so much more to offer. Now he is just a parody of himself and his obsession with language has made his lyrics quite foolish, rather than "deep" which many people believe. This guy has the talent to be a great writer but resorts to pseudo intellectual rubbish.

Doug Pullen

I run hot and cold on their stuff myself. Love the new TMV album, though, and I've liked other stuff. "Octahedron," not so much.

As for the ATDI coverage, well, let's see, El Paso band, broke up on the verge of breaking big, got bigger after they broke up, reunited 11 years later and doing a pre-Coachella festival warmup tour, including a stop in their hometown.

It's a good music story and a better local story as far as I'm concerned, which is why I'm trying to cover it the best I can under my circumstances. That includes covering arts and entertainment, not just rock music, and having very little access to or help from the band, its publicists and people who are usually available to me.

If ATDI wasn't from here, I wouldn't be doing this, just like I don't pursue stories on Bob Seger, Eminem, Kid Rock, Jack White and others now that I'm not in the Detroit market anymore (which is where I was when I first heard ATDI).

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