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March 30, 2012


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Frontera Bugalu

Thanks for the review! Download our new album

Mike Chafino

Bash's new cd I feel is a great cd with catchy hooks which stay with you long after the listen, next thing you know your already on track 10,I feel this cd has something for everyone and unlike many bands who only have one or two good songs on a cd or where you can't tell the difference from song to song,This cd is different, "Black Swan Theory" is one of the few cds I find myself listening to over and over as well as singing along with the songs.Its rare now a days when you find a cd which grabs you from begging to end where the songs are memorable and which has lyrics you can relate to. I highly recommend this cd for anyone intohigh energy rock

Michelle Murray

I think BASH has headed down the fraught path of heavy rock performance full speed ahead--and they're getting it right! From song structure to production, Sebastian Felix outshines many lyrically because of his ability to draw listeners into their own bank of memories and imagined scenes. He is barely out of high school, and soaring with the eagles. He will certainly continue to develop professionally, along with his bandmates, into a force that will stand with the legends. Thanks to full support and mentorship of family, particularly Peter Felix, these young men lead from the front in deed, action and performance abilities. I look forward to their future projects.

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