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March 16, 2010


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I saw the show at the Spencer theater in Ruidoso a couple of nights before it played in El Paso. My husband and I were very disappointed and he thought many in the audience wouldn't return after the intermission. Most did but the audience response to the show was extremely subdued. Overheard one man say he's seen a much better production at a university in San Antonio with better voices. My husband said what a waste of money - a terrible evening.

The sets, costumes and dancing were fine but the lead voices were strident, harsh and too loud (the acoustics?). I wanted to see it because I had loved the movie but the singing in the show just ruined it. Wanted earplugs when the two leads sang.

Brad Cooper

Here's the responses representing 10% of the audience in an overnight survey of the Ruidoso production. We've come to understand that different people have different experiences, and sometimes that's what theatre is about.

"Powerful performances (Sally Bowles and the MC were fantastic) by both stars and the ensemble, combined with excellent choreography made for a moving and memorable performance!"

"I thought it was extremely well done and most entertaining. I saw Jersey Boys and Billy Elliott two weeks ago in NYC and I enjoyed this more than either of those."

"A great performance of Cabaret was the sum of outstanding acting, strong singing, creative staging, costumes and sets, and a poignant dose of the realities of life." --Lonie Kewley

"The performers in this production were top notch, not only in acting, but particularly in their singing. The set was creative, versatile and particularly dramatic when the swastika was shown. A super evening!" --Jo Mincey

"It was an extraordinary experience, it was a magical night. Thank you for bringing the best of the best from Broadway to our community here in Ruidoso, NM." -Dr. Hamed N. Adaime

"We enjoyed the show very much, were surprised that some patrons did not know the political status referenced." --Marge & Rolla Hinkle


"We always enjoy coming to Ruidoso from Albuquerque to visit the Spencer Theater and Cabaret was an outstanding performance. The cast was superb and the show was wonderful." --Suzi & Bob Jensen

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