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Saturday, January 12, 2013


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UTEP has to win the recruiting battle within a 200 mile radius of El Paso, in order to improve the program. This is a great step - as other local standout players may stay as well.

Don't get me wrong, he still needs to recruit east Texas and California; and with his recent ties to Pennsylvania, there are quality players to be had there as well. But, this El Paso commitment could lead to other players making an effort to walk-on when he runs out of scholarships.

You think coach Kug would hold open-ended tryouts for soldiers at Fort Bliss after, or about the time they separate from service. A number of those guys played high school football but DID NOT get recruited or play at the college level for family related matters. However, several have now grown, matured, and are disciplined leaders. He may just find a needle in a haystack, jewel in the rough, etc. A number of them will have eligibility and college benefits, so he wouldn't waste scholarships on those that don't work out.

I would also encourage the EPCC athletics director to start a two year football program, and use that school as my feeder. If not EPCC, I'd get with Dona Ana Community College to do so. There are a number of community colleges in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico that participate in football. This would allow for the academically or athletically questionable recruits to improve on academics and football specific skills/size by their junior year, giving them 2 to 3 years at UTEP.


I like this coach so far.

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