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Thursday, May 17, 2012


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One thing I've noticed recently is the emphasis on playing D-1. How many kids make it at the D-1 level? , I can tell you going to a small school can be just as rewarding as going to a D-1 school. In fact, look how many kids leave D-1 programs for lack of playing time. The goal as I see it, is to get an educ. and a chance to continue playing ball.When we see kids who I thought could play at the next level, they need to find schools where they have a chance to do well both academically and athletically. Playing D-1 doesn't necessarily mean you're a better player than a D-2 kid nor does it make you a good coach in the future. Too bad some administrators have hired exD-1 players as head coaches and haven't figured that out..(look around EP)Hopefully, she'll find a place she's happy both on & off the court-enjoy the college experience.

an athlete's parent

Well said Observing. I hope a lot of people, athletes and parents, read this post so they can educate themselves. Playing a sport is one thing, but people tend to lose sight of the main reason the athlete is at the school in the first place: to get an education. Nothing wrong with junior colleges also. I know a young man who attended a junior college in Arizona and is now playing D-1 basketball in Florida, and is on his way to getting his pre-med degree. Very good comment.


Both of you - spare us all the psycho-babble bull crap!The writer isn't placing "emphasis" on these players going D-1. He is merely reporting on the opportunities that were afforded these three players who were fortunate enough to be given this opportunity. Every student-athlete who wants to play beyond high school works hard to achieve the dream - the dream to play D-1. They don't spend hours and hours going through their routine to play JC, D-2 or whatever else is out there. They practice to be afforded the SAME opportunity for D-1. And why shouldn't they 'test' their talents at the highest level? And if happens, great! If it doesn't, then they can begin to look at other levels of play. The education will be there, and it doesn't matter at what level it is. If the the student-athlete wants to be a doctor or a lawyer or a master at whatever , what's going to stop them? The student will go to med school and if he makes it, great! If he doesn't, then on to something else. So,give these girls credit in a positive sense, not in a negative way! They deserve the Kudos, not the sacrilege. Why is it ALWAYS the case with El Paso people that the 'praise' never surfaces initially rather than the negativity? AMAZING!!!! Your observations 'stink' and are totally out of context. These young ladies are opening doors for future El Paso stars and you all are shooting them down! And then you attempt to cover it up by stating 'enjoy the college experience'! That is being totally hypocritical and statements have no meaning whatsoever!

Terrence L. Daniels

I am going to half agree with epsprtsondreyez. Only because an education is really the emphasis. However the main thing that all 3 of you missed is that when a kid gets an opportunity to have a D1 athletic scholarship the real huge benefit is that they are getting an opportunity at a better education. They are getting are better chance to excel. You cannot compare a well earned degree from UT-Austin to say Sul Ross. When it comes to the job market a kid with a degree from a larger school has a better chance than a kid from a kid with a degree from a school with a student population of say 5.

Does anyone remember a few years ago a young lady here in El Paso had an ACADEMIC scholarship to go I believe it was Harvard and her parents told her she didn't have to go that she'd get the same education here at UTEP.

You've got to be kidding.


Mr. Daniels, the pursuit of a quality education is available to all, if they want it! It's what you make of it. Cases in point - the janitor from Serbia who did not speak a word of English 'motivated' himself to learn English and to then get a free education at an Ivy league school by working as a janitor. I think you missed the point here. These individuals (blog comments) are "downplaying" these athletes that received the schloarships to D-1 programs stating that the writer places to much emphasis on this fact. These blog writers should instead take a little pride in the "increasing" level of talent in El Paso instead of "ragging" on them. Every athlete, I don't care who it is and in what sport, WANTS that D-1 scholarship. It's natural instinctive behavior to go after something like that, if, if, they are really motivated to do so and have worked very hard to get there. To the athlete, it is a BIG DEAL, no matter how you cut it!

den bover

would love to see how these 3 D-1 athletes will fair.

higgins played most of her career playing 5'8 post in el paso, jackson is not very good. and janelle, we will see, probably the best of all 3.

Garry Woodruff

Mr. Bover,

Kristina,Allison,and Janelle have been given the opportunity to play for Division I colleges in which many athletes only dream of doing. For you to criticize them is ridiculous. These young ladies have proven themselves by playing against tough and outstanding players not only here in El Paso, but also Dallas,Canyon and other state playoff teams. Believe me I am not an expert but I don't believe you are qualified to judge their playing abilities. Yes, you have the right to your opinion. However, the real experts are the college coaches who chose Kristina,Allison,and Janelle. Unless, you think you are more qualified than the college coaches. Hope these girls are not reading your blog. But,if they are or their family and friends then I must say congratulations ladies! Also congratulations to all our athletes who are attending any college and living their dreams.


Garry Woodruff

Terrence L. Daniels


Um I didn't miss anything. Seems you missed what I addressed. And the hilarious thing is you're complaining about what I said and yet the very example you provide justifies my point.

You talk about a janitor who didn't just get an ordinary education you concisely point out that he went to an "ivy league" school. That doesn't sound "It's what you make of it" to me. Why didn't he go to some podunk school with a population of 5 and pursue his education? :-D

So I'll repeat any kid who gets the opportunity to get a FREE education at a school that is well known for its academics has been given a great opportunity and no one should downplay it.

The thing everyone fails to grasp is that the majority of our politicians, lawyers, and presidents are graduates of ivy league schools. Current president is a graduate of Harvard. So when you tell a kid that they'll have the same opportunities graduating from UTEP as a graduate from Harvard, surely you jest!

It's the same thing in the marketplace. NASA is hiring will they choose the guy who worked at a hobby/crafts store who was an expert on model rockets or the guy with years of experience at Boeing?

Will Harvard hire the guy from elementary school with 5 years experience or the tenured professor from UT?

Will the FBI hire school campus cop or the state's top detective?

In a normal job search a Sul Ross grad just might have equal or fair footing as a Harvard grad, but when it comes to the grand scale of things then there is no equal footing.

Now I'm really not trying to argue because the real fact is these kids have been given a great opportunity that a lot of student-athletes don't get at all and so we should celebrate them and encourage them and hope they do succeed because it only opens more doors for everyone else.

Terrence L. Daniels

@Garry Woodruff

Den Bover usually posts some negative based comment. First of all he made a horrible misstatement. Fact is Higgins did play high school ball here, but in the summer she played with DFW-Elite and did play against 6'0 and taller players. And the ones she played against weren't chumps. That is the true and real reason why she got the offer. It was through DFW-Elite and not through school ball.

Allison deserved what she got and she is good. Matter of fact she did a pretty good job playing against Higgins.

Janelle is ridiculously fast for her size and an almost dead-eye shooter. She works on her game and I think she'll do just fine at Northwestern.

By the way I am going to presume Mr. Woodruff that you are the father of point guard I know, well I know who she is and she's pretty good. Look me up you'll see me around.


Daniels, you surely did miss the point. It don't matter. The guy from Serbia made it and could of made it anywhere, just like anyone else could of, with the same motivation. Yes, it was Ivy league. But he chose to do so. People chose to become whatever they want to become, if they so choose. Point is, IF you work hard at it and have a dream, it doesn't matter if it's NASA or the WNBA. The topic was downplaying the D1 players vs. academics at d2, d3, JCCO or NAIA school. I agree you cannot compare a D3 to a "Harvard" but they are stepping stones that still require the absolute "best" from the individual. Congratulate D1s but also congratulate all athletes that strive to become what they choose to become at any level. It's just a different path. Those ladies writing about it "downplayed" the D1s and it was evident that their motives were not congratulatory ones. It was a typical El Paso reaction from what I've seen and read over the years. Just look at the Softball reactions on Americas and Hanks. What a shame!

Terrence L. Daniels

I didn't miss any point because there wasn't one on your end hahaha.

Seriously how are you dismissing the key fact that a kid is getting a bigger and perhaps better education at a larger school than one at a smaller school. If there wasn't a difference then why do we have private schools that boast they offer a better educational experience?

A Harvard degree opens a lot more doors than a license or certificate from Western Technical Institute.

So my actual point stands and you missed it. These people were complaining that it wasn't about athletics that the important thing was an education and I chimed in that these kids are getting a great education at a D1 school (if they go to class haha) so then it is a big deal

The choice of school is important. I coach kids and all those who know exactly what they want to go into pick schools that offer or have programs in that field.

Here is a perfect example:

If a student were going into Marine Biology you honestly think they will get the same experience at UTEP where there is no water over a student at say UCLA?

See that's the real point.

So when these kids get D1 offers to schools that are strong in certain academic fields then it is a big deal because those schools are superior to schools that are not even close to comparable.

Just me

What do you call a physician who graduated from Harvard and a physician who graduated from Texas Tech?... Doctor

What do you call a teacher that graduated from UTEP and a teacher that graduated from Sul Ross?? ... Teacher

What do you call law school student who graduated from Yale and law school student who graduated from any where else? ... Lawyer

It is not the piece of paper that makes you who you are, it is your effort, dedication, motiviation and your committment that molds you into the person you will become.

Make the best of it, enjoy the ride while you are at it.. Go enjoy your 4 years of eligibility. College IS a great experience. Your experiences on the court will help you overcome the challenges you will encounter these next 4 years. Life can be a lot of fun.. Make good choices and reach your fullest potential.. You don't only deserve it, you OWE it to yourself!! You have invested way too much time, money, sweat, late nights, body aches, etc. to let anything get on your way... Go represent El Paso ladies!


Thank you, 'Just me'. ENOUGH SAID! Daniels, you're stubborn and hard-headed! You missed the point!!! Right back at you --- hahaha!

den bover

this is still about kids going to these D-1 schools.

jackson is not very good! higgins played agaisnt 5'5 post players during her career (notice how she scored 3 points in the all star game) and 5th year senior janelle will probably the best of all 3.


That's right crab, JP was a fifth year senior and what of it! The places that young lady has been to overcome the adversity she has faced and will face for the rest of her life cannot be measured by any metric or measuring stick. Your daughter or son, if you had any, could not compare to the heart and character of this young lady in any way, shape or form. To me, you are worthless and jealous piece of turd that probably had kids in sports who were just as worthless as you, that is why you rag on these three young ladies - because they did make it! You are 'no one' to pass judgement. However and whatever these three ladies do in the coming years is really none of your business. They were given the opportunity and that's all that really matters. SO DON'T WRITE NO MORE 'IDIOTIC' RHETORIC MORE-ON!

Richard chacon

Wow! I only read these once in awhile and I'm glad. These three young ladies are very talented and are well deserving of everything they have coming their way. They have invested years of hard work and now they get to reap the rewards. Young people should be encouraged to pursue their dreams and should be applauded for achieving them. All three have earned the right to do whatever they choose with their opportunities....it's only fair!

Coach Chacon

Terrence L. Daniels



First of all this whole "it's not a piece of paper" belittles the whole academic experience. So then a report card is just a piece of paper. Because a student with consistent failing grades is obviously a hard-worker, right? People make judgments off what they see "on paper" that's just a fact of life.

What i repeat that you fail to see and I'll even elaborate further for you.

A student who gets an athletic scholarship is really getting an academic scholarship. The scholarship is paying for tuition and residence. It is taking care of their education. So when people like yourself make these academic is more important than athletics arguments you fail to see that the act is it IS for an education.

With that said I repeat if a student wanted to pursue marine biology you think they'll get the same experience at UTEP over UCLA?

You didn't answer that because you want to believe that every school is on the same level or as "just me" has posted you want to believe that no matter where you go the end result is you'll get the same job.

That's a wonderful dream to hold, but in the real world the person with a stronger background most often gets the better position and the higher pay.

So again I repeat the kids who get D1 scholarships are getting a better educational experience at a quality school. It's strange that you can't grasp that or maybe you just don't want to.

Because it seems you and the person you just supported would foolishly believe that a student would get the same experience at Western Technical Institute as one would get at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Finally what you call a student who graduates from one school and another who graduates from another school is just that, a graduate. No job title til they actually get a job and the ones that hire will most definitely look at that "piece of paper" :-)

Don't forget we've had people lose jobs, get sued, arrested for falsifying those "pieces of paper" how quaint that you forgot that.


Daniels, you just don't get it! Now, you're blowing it out of proportion. Look, it's about 'dreaming big and earning it"! That's all! ENOUGH SAID! Getting through to you is like attempting to break a concrete block with a peanut butter knife! Move on to your next topic of disinterest!

Terrence L. Daniels


I didn't blow anything out of proportion.

A kid who gets a D1 scholarship is going to have more doors open to them than one who goes to a smaller school.

Come on you act as though you never heard the ol' cliche:

"It's not what you know, it's who you know"

So yes the D1 scholarship is a big deal. Does it completely mean that another kid is of less importance or less value than the other kid? No.

Just remember this whole level playing field thing when you go out looking for your next car. ;-)

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