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Friday, March 23, 2012


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Dr. Del

Well done!
(I love being an el paso dentist!)


Hanks should be ranked; afterall it is an Eastside All Star team - Pitcher was recruited from El Dorado / Catcher was stolen from Bel Air / Shortstop was recruited from Montwood / Ditto Centerfielder - NOT SURE if ANY of their starters have grown up in the Hanks area. CONGRATULATIONS on recruiting a top flight team! How in the world with all that talent does Hanks ever lose??

Mike (Eastside)


So sorry your girl got over looked in the recruiting process!


Haha so funny how everyone ALWAYS has something to say about Hanks Softball. Never fails, no matter the year or class, everyone has a remark. Surprises me that grown adults can talk so much crap about the young high school girls. Be the mature ones and get over it.


People need to know the facts, before saying anything stupid. Hanks softball players are there because they CHOSE to go to that school. But since there winning, people are always HATING. But if there were losing, people wouldnt care. I'm sure there's schools that are really recruiting and losing, but again, nobody is saying anything.


Bunch of haters. That's all there is out there. The Sad part is that it's the parents being cry babies, not even the players.


Well PPL don't worry about them rakings recruiting or not they lost to the best team in the city Americas that tells you how much patenting stats will take u but the true stats show when teams play the true top teams in the city just like Americas has proven by beating them

Ur mom

Uhh. Hanks beat America's also.


Last year Hanks was the only team in the city to beat Americas. This year AGAIN, Hanks is the only team to beat Americas in the city. Sorry Grizzlie that best team of yours has been beaten and won't make it far in the playoffs either.

knight Fan

I agree with "don't worry about it." It is the parents who show bad sportsmanship. For example,
Janelle Perez and Higgins were slapped around so... much during basketball season,(and I'm sure they were adults), but now they are the best of friends. They are playing basketball tournaments together and wishing each other well as they move on to the next level. So...America's parents, be a good role model to your children and enjoy the games. What will be will be!! Win or lose it is what it is!


Lol ppl ppl ppl u might be right but either way u want to paint ur picture Americas is in 1st place and ranked number one in the city lol I got no favorite team but hey if the truth hurts I'm so sorry u all must be Hank students or parents from the players well I'm proud how u all are in denial and the way u criticize other schools take ur own advice oh Americas number 21 in the state hanks dropped out the 1st week they got ranked oh and we live for now not last year lol


Well let see how far these America softball girls can go this year.. Doubt theyll make it further then what they did last year. Just in case you guys forgot, you have 3 other 5A el paso high school teams going into play offs. They act like Americas is the only ones. NO RESPECT. . Its funny how there all thinking "State Champs" when they havent even played the first round yet. All they are is a bunch of cocky little girls who think there soo good at what they do. Half of those girls dont even work twice as hard as they say they do. But whatever right cause americas will be the "state champs" goood luck!


Ha grizzlie. Hanks beat americas this year. YOU are in denial of americas even losing. Wake up they did. They should be ashamed cuase afterall, they are the best team in the world right? I dont understand how such an amazing team could even lose to someone who got dropped the 1st week of rankings. Oh well, it happens. :)

knight Fan

Hey grizzlie, do you know how to use punctuation marks? Anyway, you sound like a very pist-off person. Relax. It is what it is. Only time will tell. Enjoy the fact that you made it to playoffs!


Lol,(coma)okay you want punctuation let me see if I've learned anything in school and life.(period) How am I doing so far Knight fan?(question mark)I just find it funny how you Knight fans seem to think it's all about you. Lol, didn't some say to me Americas wasn't gonna fair well, ummmm they Denmark to be cruising though their competition and not needind to come from behind and win. Oh and lets get it right I'm not an America's fan. I just give credit were credit is do sorry Knight fans since you can't win in football you all got demoted to 4A damnzzz poor San elizario. Since you all seem to think its all about you pressure is on you, you all better all win state next year lmao.


Grizzlie915, do us, Americas, a huge favor and get off the blog! Can't punctuate and can't SPELL! "Needind" should be needing. "credit is do" no it should be DUE!! Please stop speaking on our behalf especially if you are not an America's fan. You are embaressing us.


Oh stop it trublazer fan lol we all know ur a tru Knight fan on a fake name anyways ur trying to correct me on my spelling but if I'm not mistaken its trueblazer fan anyways as for u ppl who said Americas wouldn't advance far well can u say round of eight I proved my point but as for the hard working Hank's softball team congratulations on ur successful season when its all said and done I do hope u all keep on succeeding at the end u all represented El Paso with lots of pride especially heart weather its 5A or 4A I hope u all keep playing hard and representing ur school com
munity and city proudly

Lady Knights

Americas will make it as far as they did last year...next weekend should be the end of their season especially if they insist on walking any decent hitters. This three game series against Hanks proved they're nothing but cowards from the pitchers, to their coach. And for the third year in a row beaten by Hanks!!

knight Fan

I guess that is the only way America's could beat Hanks by walking them. That just proves they are VERY INTIMIDATED BY HANKS! A very lame game strategy.


Grizzlie...seriously?! Weather indicates the climate outside, the proper spelling you should've put was WHETHER!! You are an embarrassment to us...please stop trying to stick up for us.

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