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Saturday, February 18, 2012


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Irish we are so proud of you! Going into overtime and losing buy 1 was a heart break but THANK YOU for putting El Paso on the map. The reality is NO ONE comes to El Paso to scout, we have to make our bones for all these colleges. El Paso people may bicker among each other but the reality is these kids have a double edge sword theroy they are Damned if they do and Damned it if they don't. El Paso people stick together and help your team (boys/girls) to the next level.Let's not go with the crab pot theroy that El Paso people bring El Paso people down. Let's get our kids exposed. Coaches of El Paso unite! El Paso Times, help us get our kids exposed not bicker amoung each other. Thank you for the FREEDOM of SPEECH!


I do not see how Canyon is ranked so high. There guards were not good, they had one post player that had some skills. Burgess should have won that game. Chapian is going to blow them out of the water.


Congratulations to horizon and chapin
horizon and chapin should win the next round teams are not as strong as previous years and it shows, horizon and chapin should take advantage of this situation and move on.

ernie Machi

I guess Canyon is still floating on the water. Canyons top 3 guards were sitting on the bench with torn ACL's. Maybe the backups we had in were better than you think, just had a bad outing versus Burges.Kudos to Chapin, a truly gifted and awesome team. Regional tournament here we come!! Go sting yourself scorpion.

Den Bover

Canyon is CANYON.....in order to be the team, you have to BEAT the team.

horizon is doing well with 5th year senior janelle, is doing well, chapin got their butts handed to them. how can baylor bound higgins score 9 points? oh yea, she played kids around her size. good luck baylor!

 Just saying

ErnieMachi... I guess the scorpion stung its opponent and Chapin was not as talented as you thought! Good job Horizon, best wishes to Janelle, Leslie and all the other hard-working kids in that team.. Regional tournament here come the scorpions...Watch out.. Don't ever underestimate a group of fast, short, fierceles defenders, good shooters, and hard working kids! This week proved to me that Horizon was the best girls basketball team in El Paso.. They are the only ones still playing.

Den Bover

Just saying, give chapin that part of the bracket and they would have breezed thru to the regional finals. Chapin road to state was plainview, canyon, mansfield summit, all quality teams, horizon had it easy, don't get to excited there , chaping still beat horizon twice,


1. Horizon just won and is moving on to the Elite 8!!! CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!
2. Chapin DID NOT beat Horizon, the refs ALLOWED Chapin to win.. I was at one of those games, and it was CLEAR that Horizon was the better team... Now they are proving it to ENTIRE STATE!!!

If Janelle and Leslie don't get a D1 scholarship offer after this, I'll totally loose faith in College Sports... It will be proof that Hispanics are not allowed to get D1 basketball scholarships in America; regardless of the talent they have

Terrence L. Daniels

Hispanics not allowed to get D1 basketball scholarships???

Let's see do you remember Yvette Barrios from Clint High School? She's hispanic and she got and played Division I at Boise ST.

Maxie Flores from Riverside High played at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

Romie DeAnda signed with Washington and then later transferred to UTEP.

For the record college recruiting and scouting occurs during the summer. They only attend high school games when they are interested in a specific player. What you don't understand is the NCAA limits college coaches to 40 official days. There are 50 states so obviously they can't see everybody, but in July it is the Evaluation period which allows them to attend multiple events to see any number of players as often as they can.

The biggest recruiting event in the nation is the 16u AAU national tournament. Teams that make the Sweet 16 can almost guarantee players will get attention. I have a club team and when we attended the 14u AAU national, several of my players started receiving letters from colleges and we lost every game. While we lost, we did play well and that's what these coaches go to see. How a player plays, how they respond to situations, how they play defense, how they move without the ball, etc.

If you believe that a kid can get noticed solely from stellar play in high school you are absolutely wrong. There have been several kids throughout the U.S. who received good DI scholarships and never played at their high school. They got recognition just from playing the club circuit.

You can be as talented as all get out, but if no one sees you then you'll get nothing.

knight Fan

Congratulations to the Hanks Knights!! This was a team that was not even ranked in the top 10 at the beginning of the season for district 1-5A. Hats off to coach Flores and his staff, as well as to the players for their perserverence,determination, and
dedication!! Hanks is truly THE PRIDE OF THE EAST SIDE, and should be throughout the El Paso area, and no one can ever say different!
Hanks should not be sharing district with Coronado due to the fact that we beat them twice. Hanks is the best team in the city.
Kudos to Christian Velasquez and Andy Arias who have led this team throughout.


Nice job, what a turn a round! Did you expect them to be ranked after finishing last years district season with only 2 wins? Hard work pays off!
Pride of the east side, let's not get carried away there...I know you have to be aware of Montwood's rich basketball tradition. Congratulations on a great year Knights!

Knight Court

Really, Maverick? This is not about Montwood. Montwood has been great in previos years, however, we are not talking about the PAST; we are talking about the present. HANKS IS NUMBER ONE-THE PRIDE OF THE EAST SIDE AND ALL OF EL PASO!!


Congratulations Hanks knights on your awesome season!! YOU played with heart and never gave up against the number 3 team in Texas, and number 6 in the nation, but in our hearts you are number 1 in ALL of El Paso. Kudos to coach Flores, coach Mora, and coach Morales, and managers for their success this season. Congratulations Knights team, especially, Christian Velasquez and Andy Arias, who have lead the kinghts throughout the season.


they werent 6th in the nation. they were 44. get your facts right!

Former Hanks Student

Great Job Knights!!! You guys by far has exceeded everyone's expectations! You guys came from 7 wins last year to a trip to the sweet sixteen! Of course no one well give you guys the respect you guys deserve. Hanks will always have HATERS and that is what fuels us to strive even harder! Just ask "Hanks Isn't That Good" because this person is one of the many HATERS that cant get THEIR facts straight. They were ranked #41 in the ESPN National Poll, guy. I dont see Montwood, Franklin, Americas, or even Coronado the last school standing coming out of EL Paso. Way to come out of the 1-5A as Champs and top 16 in Texas. You guys are truly The Pride Of The Eastside, and way to represent El Paso. Congratulations to the coaching staff, managers, and to all the players on the squad. Go Knights!!


People of El Paso - Have some pride in your EP teams, it doesn't matter who,what,where. Don't you see what is happening. EP teams are finally competing consistently with other cities around Texas. There are outliers, of course, but the 'gap' has been closed significantly and it won't be long before YOU will see consistent state qualifiers in the 'core' sports - football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball and soccer. I mean consistent, year after year like the Canyons, Duncanvilles, DeSotos, Planos, Lincolns, ect.(basically Dallas and Houston Metroplexes for the most part). Anyway, the foundation for "better things to come" has been set, now it's time for future EP stars to "rise" above the norm.

Ms. Estrada

Way to go knights! You made us proud. To those of you who are still doubt Hanks please remember that Andy Arias is a sophomore! The JV team coming up is only going to add to the talent! "Our legend will never die!"

knight Fan

Attention El Paso! The Hanks Knights basketball team will be arriving this afternoon, 3-2-12, between 4:30-5:00. Please come out to Hanks High School to meet them;help us in our efforts to bring them a homecoming of champions.
Hanks did not go out without a fight, and they should be commended for their efforts. Go Hanks!

knight Fan

Sorry wrong date. Hanks will arrive to El Paso on

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