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Saturday, January 07, 2012


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He recruits players. He did it at bowie, left bowie, then took his recruit to socorro along with a recruit from Franklin. Left the recruit from bowie out in the cold at Socorro and now has started his recruiting at Coronado getting the kid from Santa teresa. He is not done, there will be more on the way. Hope the coronado parents with kids that have come up in the middle school programs don't alllow their kids to get shafted and just sit on the sidelines as Coach Morales brings in more kids to replace the kids already in the feeder programs or current Tbird teams. How many schools or districts in El Paso does Coach Morales want to coach at? All that are left are the parochial schools, maybe Cathedral or Faith Christian? or a YISD school? Good luck with that.

Den Bover

coach morales is a proven recruiter.....

and not loyal!

his dream job Socorro! left after a year....look at socorro now....back to last place why? new coach has not recruited....

so before you make morales the next UTEP coach...check how he breaks the UIL rules on recruitment....and illegal practices during the off season.....


And who exactly was recruited? When you make an accusation like that, then you should have the meat to back it up, don't you think? I don't know much about Coach Morales' record. I just know that Coronado has consistently had good players, but could never do much with it under McNally. They are a completely different team this year, much more disciplined and well balance. I am glad they are working as a team and playing really well. I wish them well. Regarding the recruiting: who exactly do you refer to? Of the kids in the team right now, I remember seen those kids play for Lincoln, or for Morehead, or in the JV team last year. I can't think of an unfamiliar face. I'm curious and would like to know.

Honest Parent

Daniel Hernandez was recruited. The district is investigating. Do not be surprised when those season wins are forfeited for the ineligible new star guard. Many of the coaches are now recruiting. This is a failure on the part of the athletics department turning a blind eye. Time to hammer all of this recruiting--in all sports. It is ruining high school sports. Franklin coach tried to recruit Bryant Wolfe from El Paso High this year who is a guard on a Lightning team so it is time for all parents to report all of this garbage to stop all of it.


Daniel went to Lincoln Middle and played basketbal for them his 7th and 8th grade year. Lincoln feeds into Coronado, does that mean that Lincoln also recruited him? It is true he wasn't on the CHS team last year; but I know for a fact he has never played varsity any where else; which qualifies him to go straight to varsity. Could it be possible that he ACTUALLY belongs in Coronado? I know he was a star guard since middle school, that's why I remember him. Him and Max were the Lincoln's stars that year. I believe Max went to Chapin to the engineering program. I don't know which is true, I just think there are a lot of useless accusations on these blogs. Stay positive people... That's the best for our El Paso kids.

Honest Parent

Story is that his parents do not live in the Coronado district, that is dad and coach morales are friends, that his dad rented an apartment in the district and used that address on registration to get him on Coronado bb team. If that is true, big problem for Coronado. EPISD is investigating so we will see what happens from that. Bigger problem is rampant recruiting in high school sports. The district is at fault for allowing that to happen

Den Bover

recruiting is a fact in many schools for athletic purposes......

when did high school sports in el paso suddenly become college????

and yet those schools still cant make it to state!

go figure!

cheaters never win!


What happened to his dream job? What happens when he recruits a player to socorro and just decides to leave his "dream job" cuz he can't develop players? What about the player he left at socorro this year? What about him? Not only did he recruit the player there, he also never cared for him. Peter is not in it for the kids, he just looks out for himself. Why would anyone want there kid to play for a person like that? Just asking?


Coach Morales is one of the best coaches I have ever seen coach the game of basketball, especially at such a young age. He is passionate about what he does and cares deeply for the kids in his program. He will continue to have great seasons and change around programs. It is amazing how much jealousy happens when someone is doing something great.

Den Bover


there is no jealousy in cheating! and i beg to differ he cares about his kids. its all about him.

check his record on recruiting kids to the schools he has been. and yes leaving them behind.

he belongs at the college level (thats where he really wants to be) where he can recruit legally....up to a certain point...knowing him, it will still be illegal.


Just to comment on BBalls comment about Cheater, sorry Peter, "being one of the best coaches you have ever seen coach basketball", you obviously have not seen a lot of basketball or maybe its gus and goldie basketball you might be watching. Do things the right way, don't cheat, follow the rules are the examples he should be modeling for his players don't you think? C' mon man.

That's the truth, truth

I love this... people, come on... Don't you have anything better to do? I heard all this noise was going on and I had to see for myself. If you do not have facts to back up your allegations, keep your negative comments to yourself. Is there proof of recruiting? I don't think so, otherwise he would not be coaching nor would he have been hired back by EPISD. Coach Morales has done nothing but good for the kids in OUR community... East or West. Why can't you just be happy for an upcoming coach and team in OUR community? Good job coach! And way to go T-Birds!! You know good things are happening when you have this many HATERS! LOVE IT!! O--(-_-Q)

Read between the lines

The truth to your comment if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck it's a duck. Your comment about he still coaching so he must not be recruting remember not to long ago the EPISD superintendent was highly thought of until it was brought out he was stealing from the district. By the way word is Peter was Dr. Garcia's boy that's how he go back to EPISD so here's another one for you birds of a feather flock together too bad the FBI does not investigate recruiting because EPISD Atheltics obviously is incompetent I unwilling to investigate one of thief own.

That's the truth, truth

LIke I said, more hearsay and speculation...

Den Bover

episd athletics knows that recruiting goes on in its school. they turn the other way to make sure it happens.

there is no hearsay and speculation....its the truth, truth!

Read between the lines

Wait to see what happens when good legitimate teams playing well such as Bel Air Franklin or Montwood get left out in the cold from playoffs because they finish 5th they will then be looking for this investigation which may throw mud in the face of EPISD but I guess their used to that already. The sad part will be the kids in programs that did things legally may be robbed of opportunity to play in play off games they may be later declared as placing eligible for but that means nothing to a kid after the fact they want the opportunity to compete so why don't people step up an conduct this investigation after all isn't athletics supposed to teach kids to do the right things.


Look people, this is nothing more than an outcry and jealousy for a team that is doing good... None of this non-sense allegations were on the table the last few years that Coronado was not a District contender because of the poor coaching staff. No one gave a rat's @$$ for the team. Now the team is doing well and people are trying to steal the spotlight and put a dark mark on them. If you truly are talking about "legality" and "integrity" why don't you take off your shades and start demanding EVERY single athlete in El Paso County to be drug tested. You will be surprised what you can find. Maybe the "power houses" for certain sport, are not really a "power house" but a bunch of steroids at work. Why do you look at the splinter in your brother's eye, and not notice the beam in yours?

Stop your non sense...

Dont change the subject

Really first of all good try on trying to change topics to remove focus on the recruiting but not good enough. I agree no one was looking at Coronado last year and maybe they were not a contender but do you think that maybe because of lack of recruiting? Is it good coaching or good recruiting that has made the difference? Secondly I have no problems with you point about the steroids I agree many student athletes are using them and I agree it would be nice in the real world to test them all so why don't you come up with a way to flip the bill for it and then it can be done because that is why UIL does not do it, it is all about the mighty dollar


Do the names Felix Obi, and Christian Gore mean anything? Both Franklin stand-outs live in the Coronado district. Weird how nobody complains about Bailey and Franklin having success with players outside of its district, but as soon as Coronado is winning for the first time in nine years people lose their minds.


For parent that said Daniel never played varsity for a fact. He is wrong Daniel played varsity basketball for Coach Hack at Santa Teresa H.S. last year. we all know Santa teresa is just down the road from Coronado H.S.

Basketball Jones

Hernandez kid has been at 3 different high schools in three years. 9th @ Franklin, 10th @ Santa Teresa, and now 11th @ Coronado. What's up with that. Have a feeling his dad is behind all this. Hope he doesn't get in trouble with UIL or he may have to go for 4 schools in 4 years- transfer to Faith?

Always Faith

Isn't that where the rest of the kids that have gotten in trouble go? Regardless of where he has been, or where he will go, he is a tremendous player. He was a leader for the Freshman team for Franklin. He was the New Mexico 4A Sophomore Player of the Year (Santa Teresa). And now he is shining at Coronado (62 points last week ARE U KIDDING ME?)... causing all this commotion... Because, face it, if he wasn't good, would we even be talking about him?? If he does get in trouble, which I doubt he will... you are right, there is always Faith...

Phil Goodman

Coronado is a great team. morales is a great coach.. Morales left Socorro for his own personal benefit. Coronado willbe one of the best teams this year without a doubt. Socorro also is going to have a powerhouse this year. Socorro has speed and size.Socorro's roster is deep and experienced. They have a team that plays with their heart. Don't be surprised when Socorro starts being competitive with strong teams this year. They have two all district players coming back to their team who have took their game to the next level. (Luis Cereceres, Justin Martinez) Socorro has developed greatly even without morales.. Will be interesting to see what happens this year..

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